On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, detectives from the Burien/PCT 4 Special Enforcement Team (SET) arrested two individuals involved in distributing narcotics near Burien City Hall and the District Court parking lot.

The investigation uncovered a drug trafficking organization that was delivering narcotics across King County, including White Center, Shoreline, and SeaTac.

The estimated street value of the recovered narcotics was approximately $600,000.

Search warrants were executed at a residence in Edmonds, next to Maplewood Middle School, and at the Patricia Apartments in Lynnwood. The operation yielded significant quantities of various drugs and drug proceeds:

  • Methamphetamine: 15.65 pounds
  • Heroin: 1.07 pounds
  • Cocaine: 2.22 pounds
  • Fentanyl powder: 3.33 pounds
  • M30 fentanyl pills: 59,001
  • Fraudulent Xanax bars: 795
  • $60,705 in drug proceeds

The two individuals arrested were booked for Investigation of Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (VUCSA) for possession with intent to distribute and VUCSA conspiracy.

The Burien Police Department commended the coordinated efforts that led to this substantial drug bust, which removed a significant amount of dangerous substances from the community.


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  1. Imagine that right in there parking lot. Now where those campers gonna get their drugs now? Maybe now we can park there and not be harassed ,robbed or step on a syringe. But I dout it always let them guys loose after they book them

  2. More drugs off the street.. thats great! But they were found dealing at the Burien City hall AND by the King County Courthouse. Whats unique about these two locations?
    Oh, that’s right. They both have a heavy tent encampment presence.
    Tent encampments bring organized drug-dealing crime.
    Maybe if you get rid of the camping drug addicts.. the drug problem will go down? Probably should look at how to end tent encampments that are endangering the local city before pushing drug bust headlines directly connected to them. Its no different than allowing a store to sell illegal drugs and then busting the individuals that just purchased from the store..

  3. If you deal dope near any park you should get double the sentence, this would apply to both the locations. How is this different from the exclusion zones around schools when children frequent both locations?

  4. Good job BPD! It’s all good to take all these crappy drugs off our Streets, but why does that seem to be all you do? What ever happened to getting pulled over for bad tabs, running red lights, etc? And, what are you all and Ted Boe charging to turn a blind eye to all the street racing on 509, EXACTLY the same time, EVERY night? I want to join the racing circuit, I just need to know how much you charge……

    1. kaare I think for 509 that’s a state highway so you would have to contact the state patrol . If or when you report the racing give the state patrol a good report including time and dates when you have herd racing and any description of the cars . You also have to realize it can take awhile for any police to actually build a case and collect enough evidence to press charges. For things like bad tabs with covid going on the police slow down stopping people for small crimes . My guess would be because the courts could not have large amounts of people around due to covid restrictions . The police where only going after violent offenders and large drug bust . But now they are playing catch up eventually people with bad tabs will get pulled over . I hope that the people racing on the street that have those exhaust systems that sound gun fire get arrested and they get there license took away for the rest of their life . Then charge the driver a half million dollars in fine’s and when they tow the car a way they take wheels off and drag it at 80 to 100 mph to the tow yard . Then charge the driver for damages to the road on top of the other fines . Maybe this will teach these people that we don’t want street racing around here .

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