A two-month investigation by the Burien Police Department’s Precinct 4 Special Emphasis Team (SET) culminated in the arrest of a suspected drug trafficker linked to the Sinaloa Cartel last week.

Following over 100 hours of surveillance across the Puget Sound region, the investigation targeted an individual suspected of transporting narcotics and money for the cartel. 

It included multiple search warrants executed within Burien city limits.

Police seized a significant amount of narcotics, including:

  • 2.8 pounds of fentanyl powder
  • 5,000 fentanyl (M-30) pills
  • 10 grams of cocaine
  • 3 handguns
  • 1 AR-15 style short barrel rifle w/60 round drum magazine
  • 3 vehicles seized
  • $182,249.00 cash seized

One suspect faces narcotics-related charges.

“Narcotics and firearms wreak havoc on our King County community,” police said, “stealing futures and leaving behind an ever-lasting impact on families. We are committed to removing these destructive forces from our streets and enhancing safety within our neighborhoods.”

The Burien Police Department did not disclose the suspect’s identity or the specific location of the arrests, citing the ongoing investigation.

Photos courtesy Burien Police Department:

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  1. Good job! I’m glad these officers weren’t wasting their time and resources chasing homeless people around the City on a daily basis and were able to do some real police work! I appreciate that they continue to do this good work for us despite how awful they are being treated by our City Council.

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