Burien Police / King County Sheriff’s Office (KSCO) Special Emphasis Team (SET) – based out of Precinct 4 in Burien – recently helped bust a suspected drug trafficker who police said was distributing narcotics from Mt. Vernon to Lakewood.

Here’s more from KCSO:

“Once again, we are very proud of our SET (Special Emphasis Team) for helping to keep drugs out of our communities.

“On March 22, 2024, SET teams from Precinct 4, Burien Police Department, and Shoreline Police Department conducted a joint operation involving a drug trafficker who was distributing narcotics from Mt. Vernon to Lakewood.

“This investigation involved several warrants and hours of surveillance, which resulted in the following:

• 7.53 pounds of Methamphetamine
• 6.74 pounds of Fentanyl powder
• 3.65 pounds of Heroin
• 21 M-30 Fentanyl pills
• $11,677 cash seized
• 1 Suspect booked Investigation VUCSA/Possession with Intent

“Approximate street value: $445,360.00

“We also want to thank the professionals at our King County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center for helping us to coordinate this effort.

“Our SET team knows every Fentanyl pill, and every ounce of illegal narcotic that makes it into our evidence room is a life saved. They, along with every deputy (human or dog) at KCSO, are dedicated to enhancing the safety of our community and its members. Thank you for trusting us to do so.”

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  1. Thank you for getting this off our street and hope this person in never on the street again. This amounts to a mass murder!

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