Photo of meth found on a wanted man at Annex Park courtesy Burien Police Department.

The Burien Police Department announced on their Facebook page Thursday (Sept. 4) that they’ve made another arrest at the Annex Park, where homeless people have been encamped for months.

Police say that Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 3), Detective Easterbrook recognized an adult male who was hanging out at the skate park. Easterbrook knew him from previous encounters, checked his name in their computer system, and found that he had a theft warrant with a $15,000 bail amount. Easterbrook and other officers were able to place him into custody.

A small amount of meth was found on the man, as well as some stolen mail.

“Parks are a welcome place for those who obey laws and aren’t wanted fugitives,” police said. “We will not tolerate drugs in our parks. Thanks to all of the officers who have been patrolling the area and addressing community concerns in a lawful and respectful manner.”

The previous arrest at the park was last week, when Officer Philbrick was walking through it like he does most every day. He found an adult female drinking alcohol. She also had a DUI warrant for her arrest and was taken to jail.

“We always strive to find the ‘perfect’ balance between visibility, enforcement, and protecting and respecting everyone’s individual rights,” police added.

“Thanks for your patience and understanding. Thanks Officer Philbrick and Detective Easterbrook for doing a great job!”

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16 replies on “Burien Police arrest man with warrant at Annex Park, find drugs, stolen mail”

  1. This whole homeless encampment is full of drug addicts and thieves. These are not people “down on their luck”. They need to go somewhere else. Every morning I walk to the bus stop and see them walking around peeking into cars and different businesses. Called the cops a few times but it doesn’t deter them.

  2. Kinda sorta funny like that the so called spokesperson of the “family” they called themselves a few weeks ago on this blog said they do not tolerate that kind of behavior – Ya Sure Ya Betcha !

  3. So what is the city waiting for? Do they think this will improve somehow? Criminals and drug addicts and drunks! These people will only attract more of the same homeless individuals. These people are BUMS! If you let it go it will get worse!!! I have to pick up the trash that people throw in my front yard….the city should do the same.

  4. Hmm were these two a part f the home less group or are people snaping jugement I know I have seen people drink parks but it one of those things that by the time cops arrive the person gone unless if there pass out

    1. To Jimmy,
      You are entitled to your opinion. Thank God we still have the First amendment. However, having been the recent victim of one of these “pitiable” people. I tend to share the other commenters opinion. A public park must be made safe for all and not just a place for some to hang out, when they don’t have anything useful to add to the community. So I thank the police for doing a thankless and necessary job.
      Proofreading your own work has helped to better understand what you are trying to say.

      1. Yes watchful it is great for are rights. But how do you know it was one of people from this group exactly not some random summer time crime that tends to happen this time of year. I looked at about 3 weeks back and it seem to be the regular crime in the area but I also know that some people in the area tend to jump to conclusion. But who knows look at what his face said he drove by their with a fully loaded weapon in case something happens. Some people I guess think that just because someone is low income or home less there automatically a criminal it’s a shame people think this way but it happens . Who knows maybe the church hire these criminals to come here to mess with the community but of course in your situation I am probably totally wrong.

  5. This is a very big deal and the city and the community need to do some thing about it .grown adults that live in a park where your children go is a huge mistake. If you think they are just homeless then it’s time to wake up. Don’t think it affects you ? Well who do u think is buying booze and tabaco for under age kids and teens. Where do u think all the drugs come from . The fact is nothing good come from grown adults with no money no homes and no jobs . Just festering in a public place. People need to stop feeling sorry for then because they don’t feel any thing for you or our community

    1. Yeah, dang it!!! *lol*
      Them drunken bums at the park anyways, asked them to buy me some booze and the next thing I know is, they`s gone with my money and my booze..*heheheeh*

  6. Time for a few good neighbors to start a campaign of How Are You Enjoying OUR Park….starting with Loud Classical music….sprinklers that turn off and on ALL DAY…A few old crab legs in the bushes smell great….Does the Church allow blow horns every 20 minutes. lets have a new club that meets at the same location every day …just a few suggestions

  7. I live in Gregory Heights and we have had a lot of mailbox theft recently. Many of the neighbors (including me), have installed locking boxes. Ridiculous to have to do this.

  8. Just drove through Burien on my way to getting groceries. What a pig sty. Trash everywhere, broken glass on the road, and yes, what looks like mail theft going on with open mailboxes in different sections of the city.
    Just a sign of the times. Working people pay and pay, and politicians do the exact opposite of what we need done.

    1. Hopefully the City Council and the Police Department take note of what is shared on this blog, not that it represents all the public’s views but a large percentage I’m sure. As a side note I also just drove through downtown and looked into the below ground parking garage behind the City Hall/Library, there are people living in the fire escape staircase that need to be trespassed.

      1. 146TH AND 509 a few more living under the Bridge and another camp set up behind the new car rental lot by the off-ramp …

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