On the heels of King County Sheriff Mitzi G. Johanknecht’s statement on the police killing of George Floyd, Burien Police Chief Ted Boe, as well as City Manager Brian Wilson both issued their own:

Message from Burien Police Chief Theodore A. Boe:

“Over the last several days, members of the community have asked my opinion on the death of George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department. Police are responsible to use force with great restraint and to weigh the necessity of any force options utilized throughout an encounter. I usually advocate for reserving judgement until the investigation is completed and all the facts are weighed. In this case, I am unable to present an argument for delaying my response to the community’s concerns. The continued use of force while Mr. Floyd stated he could not breath and the officers that took no action to assure his safety is unacceptable to me as a member of this community, Washington State Law Enforcement Officer and your Burien Police Chief. I am grateful to the men and women that serve our community with respect, empathy and compassion.”

Message from Burien City Manager Brian J. Wilson:

“We are proud of the leadership of Chief Boe and his officers, and the high-quality service the Burien Police Department delivers to our community. When I viewed the footage of George Floyd’s encounter with four Minneapolis Police Department officers, along with millions of other Americans, I was angered, disturbed, and sick to my stomach. This is a criminal act on the part of a commissioned police officer. Why did the other officers not come to his aid after repeated pleas from citizens present? While a full investigation is warranted prior to making any final judgments in this matter, the information we do know is a complete aberration of quality police service and performance. Thank you to Chief Boe and the Burien Police Department for their ongoing commitment to safety, care, and compassion in the performance of their duties. I want the community to know the actions of these Minneapolis Police officers are in no way reflective of Burien police officers or the law enforcement profession in general.”

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