On Sept. 28, 2023, Burien-based Precinct 4 Special Emphasis Team (SET) successfully concluded a lengthy investigation focusing on three individuals involved in the illicit sale of narcotics across various cities in South King County.

Police said that in this case, the suspects concealed narcotics beneath the floor mats of their customers’ residences for them to retrieve.

“When our detectives witnessed one of the suspects deliver narcotics in the presence of their infant child, they put this case at the top of their priority list,” police said.

The TAC-30 team executed a search warrant, which resulted in police confiscation of:

  • 1.43lbs of Cocaine.
  • 1.36lbs of Methamphetamine.
  • 289.6g of Fentanyl powder.
  • 428.3g of Molly.
  • 169.3g of Ketamine.
  • 1.56lbs of Psilocybin mushrooms.
  • 3033 MDMA pills.
  • 4200 M-30 Fentanyl pills.
  • 779 Xanax (Alprazolam) pills.
  • 20 Amphetamine pills.
  • 285 vials of Anabolic Steroids.
  • 72 doses of LSD.
  • $41,702 cash.
  • 1 Audi S3.
  • 1 handgun.
  • 3 AR-15-style rifles (1 ghost gun).
  • 1 shotgun.

Three suspects were booked into King County Jail for multiple counts of Investigation of VUCSA – Possession with Intent to Deliver.

One infant was taken into protective custody and placed with Child Protective Services (CPS).

“We’re incredibly grateful to our Precinct 5 SET, SeaTac SET, TAC-30, HNT, Burien Patrol, Burien CRU, our White Center Storefront Deputy, and the Communication Center,” police added. “This operation could not have been possible without their assistance. As an agency, we are diligently working to reduce the presence of narcotics within our neighborhoods.”

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