Photo courtesy Burien Police Department

Burien Police are reporting that an officer arrested a suspected drug dealer on 1st Ave South this week.

Police say that graveyard officer Stephano Euells was driving down 1st Ave South when he saw a suspicious man standing next to his car.

“The guy immediately started acting weird and avoiding eye contact,” police said. “This made Officer Euells suspicious.”

A check of the license plate and Officer Euells confirmed his suspicions – the suspect had a warrant for his arrest.

Officer Euells contacted him and placed him under arrest.

In the suspect’s pockets were enough clues that he was dealing drugs to get a search warrant for his car.

“Inside we found 2,178 fentanyl laced pills, 1.1 pounds of meth, 35 grams of heroin and over $7,000 in cash,” police said.

“One drug dealer returned to jail! Great job Officer, good job!”

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