NOTE: This post was updated with map and information on the neighborhood where these crimes are taking place on July 7, 2015: The Burien Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying these suspected mail thieves: 11412306_628128210659841_1216167602252045131_n 11220932_628128213993174_8131875125326864430_n Police say that the thefts are occurring in a neighborhood near SW 142nd Street, between 1st Ave SW and 2nd Ave SW: “Theft of mail usually results in stolen identity and can cause years of frustration for the victims,” police said. If you have any information, please contact Detective Skaar at (206) 477-2229. Please note that you don’t have to identify yourself; reference case #15-192784.]]>

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9 replies on “Burien Police seeking public's help identifying suspected mail thieves”

  1. Stake out the Safeway complex, sooner or later they will appear. They obviously have expanded their work hours from night to day shift, and where they get the bikes?

  2. Anybody have an insider connection with the Burien PD that can share some info? Here’s why, Monday at Midnight I considered dining at Denny’s after some OT and changed my mind after seeing the backpack bike posse lurking behind the old Lover’s Package under the Eastern eave. Wanting my truck windows and belongings still there after dinner I skipped that meal. Not far from Safeway after all with their own private thieves den needing a lawman visit.

  3. Thanks for providing such detailed information. I have heard before that this area can be a gathering spot. Hopefully, a little extra patrol in the area?

    1. Hopefully when they are all locked away, or driven far away the property owner will fence that off, it has been a transient and drunk den that the posse has only added too. Lack of law enforcement pressure or owner responsibly just perpetuates the downward local spiral. Under Big Lots on the South side needs some law attention also.

  4. I’m hoping the “extra” patroling is why my husband and I saw the punk posse splayed out on the hood of their cars at the Skate Park last Saturday . . . Good Job, BPD!!!

  5. We live on 12th Ave. S. between 128th and 136th and we have definitely experienced mail theft over the last year since we moved there. It’s very aggravating. We’ve most recently in the last two weeks had a $300+ check we were waiting on go missing.

  6. We have had mail taken from our box, but just packages, and it seems that Fridays are the day they like to come thru
    This is in the Boulevard Park area On Roseberg between 120th and 116th… we will be waiting next time

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