Burien’s own Ian Johnson is very proud of some big trophies he recently built for the Seattle Pride Hockey Association.

Johnson told The B-Town Blog that it all started when his high school friend and hockey teammate Steven Thompson started the Seattle Pride Hockey Association, along with Joey Gale.

You may also know Johnson by his performance name “DJ Lucky Strike.”

“Last year they asked me to build the trophy and provide music,” he said. “Unfortunately I had a gig that weekend but still built the trophy.”

This is what it looked like last year:

This year, Johnson says that the hockey tournament got so big they needed two trophies, and also wanted to put a bigger plaque on it, “so I had to alter the original design slightly by adding a box to the bottom. This also allowed for plaques to be added for the winning teams each year.”

John said that Thompson would drop by for a few hours after work each day and they would spend time working on it. Overall they spent about 30 or so hours combined over the span of a week and a half. Johnson’s wife Mandy also chipped in from time to time.

“The sticks on the original trophy (Symetra Cup) were donated by players and friends like Steven and I,” Johnson said. “The rest of the sticks came from the Kent Valley Ice Centre. Apparently they had a ton of broken hockey sticks laying around.”

Both trophies weigh about 32 lbs., just a few pounds shy of the Stanley cup.

Further details about the organization can be found here: https://www.seattlepridehockey.org/.

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