Burien’s Puget Sound Skills Center’s (PSSC) Broadcast Communications department recently expanded its Digital Media Arts program to include radio and podcast production, and they just released their first Podcast! PSSC’s new program – taught by Edward Etherington – provides training for careers in radio production, television production, and related fields in digital media, such as “e-radio” production, photography, and digital video & editing. Further, it involves the study of how people communicate with others through electronic means. Students will learn about the ‘hands on’ work that takes place in a radio station, television studio, or in other digital fields. They’ll get opportunities to produce and appear in broadcast, webcast programming and videos of various kinds. Etherington told The B-Town Blog that there is currently room in the class for more students. Here’s the program’s first Podcast, Hosted/Produced by Senior Rich Aguiar: Download this Episode rainycityradio-org-300x225Check out their new website here (internet radio coming soon!): http://rainycityradio.org Subscribe to these new Podcasts here: http://rainycityradio.libsyn.com/ Like them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Rainy-City-Radio-48607873736/ Follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/rainycityradio Puget Sound Skills Center is located at 18010 8th Ave South in Burien; phone: (206) 631-7300.

www.pugetsoundsc.org Mr. Edward Etherington, M.Ed. Instructor Phone: 206.631.7314 [email protected]

EDITOR’S NOTE: BTB Publisher Scott Schaefer volunteers on the Advisory Board for this program.


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