The City of Burien is looking for artists and community members to help invigorate and energize Burien street corners through the decoration of signal boxes. “Your art will be turned into vinyl wraps and applied professionally to the boxes to decorate the community for many years to come,” the City said in an announcement. Selected Artists will be paid $750 per box, and the deadline to submit is June 15, 2018. As an example, here are some recently ‘Artified’ utility boxes seen in neighboring Kent (read more about Kent’s program here): Here’s more info from the City (or click here, or download a PDF here):

City of Burien Art Commission Call for Artists Burien Traffic Signal Control Box Project

Call out: May 1, 2018 Call due: June 15, 2018 Submissions to: Project Goals: To invigorate and energize the Burien community through the arts. Adding art to traffic signal control boxes (signal boxes) showcases our neighborhood and business district’s identity and can discourage graffiti. This project is made possible by the Burien Art in Public Place Fund. Criteria:
  • Artist Selection Criteria: Artists should be invested in Burien or have ability to immerse themselves in Burien culture and community to develop this project.
  • Theme: Proposals should be based on themes of Burien Identity, Cultural Character, and/or Community Pride.
  • Design: Applicants are encouraged to create designs of abstract representations that contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape. For example, consider using a limited palette of colors and simple graphic images to avoid visual clutter. Avoid artwork that could create a driver distraction or be confused with traffic signs.
  • Medium: Chosen artwork will be transformed into vinyl wraps that will be professionally installed. Artists chosen will be required to work with city staff and vinyl wrap company representative to fine tune artwork for final product.
  • Signal Box Specs: Art will cover 3 sides of the signal box. Work can be one single image that will cover three sides of the box or in a triptych format.
  • Commission: $750 per box.
  • Finalists will be chosen by a jury panel.
How to apply: Include your:
  • Name (first and last)
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Mailing address
  • Design description
  • 3 full color renderings that show your image or images split into the three sides of the box.
  • Size for renderings: 1,000 pixels wide x 550 pixels tall
  • Less than 1MB file size
  • Submitted as JPEG
  • You will be notified if application is accepted by end of September 2018.
  • Please e-mail with questions about this process.
If your work is selected:
  • If your artwork is selected, you will be provided a digital template by the vinyl company for final layout. Final image(s) of the piece need to be in the following format to be transferred to vinyl.
Each image/side needs to be a minimum of 16″ x 24″ at 300 dpi; Design/Installation Guidelines:
  • City of Burien and King County must have 24 hour access to signal control boxes and no intrusion on their function, the door, locks and key flaps.
  • Artwork shall not distract motorists, be designed in a manner that allows them to be confused with traffic signs, or block views of pedestrians.
  • Artwork shall not affix hardware to, penetrate the signal box, or block ventilation.
  • The applicant/artist must have prior approval from the City of Burien before installation.
  • Installations must be done in weather conditions meeting manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Vinyl wraps must be professionally installed.
  • If artwork is damaged, the City of Burien will be responsible for repair.
  • Signal box artwork must include the following information: name, organization, and if applicable, funding source.
  • A small logo or signature of the artist/organization installing the artwork may be included.
  • The city retains the right to graphically reproduce the image of the artwork for municipal purposes.
  • The artwork is intended to remain on signal boxes for a period of five to ten years. However, the city reserves the right to paint out, remove, reuse the installation, or control boxes at any time without notice.

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