Navos1b Navos2b Navos will be celebrating the opening of its new Independence Bridge facility on Thursday, Oct. 23 from 9 a.m. – Noon, with guest speaker Rep. Jim McDermott set to speak at 10:45 a.m. Independence Bridge is a new supported living program for at-risk young adults, ages 18–24, who are transitioning from foster care to independence. In addition to Rep. McDermott, program staff will speak and light bites will be served.

The 7.5-acre Behavioral Healthcare Center campus will include space for outpatient programs for youth and families, housing and support services for young adults transitioning from foster care to independence, inpatient and residential treatment programs for children and teens, a primary care clinic, a school for youth in residential treatment, outdoor recreation areas, space for other youth service providers, and studios for adjunctive therapies including art, dance and music. The natural setting on Lake Burien and a comprehensive continuum of services will provide a protected sanctuary for healing and hope.
Independence Bridge is located at 15245 10th Ave SW in Burien. For more information, visit]]>

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4 replies on “Celebrate the opening of Navos' Independence Bridge on Thurs., Oct. 23”

  1. Nice spin job. Make no mistake, this is mental health housing for juveniles. This is quite an expansion from the existing Ruth Dykeman Center, which has provided these types of services for youth for a very long time. Ruth Dykeman handles a variety of juvenile issues, and the mental health component was one of the areas. With Navos taking over the helm, this mental health aspect is expanding.
    Navos has quite a presence is Burien, with their office on 136th Street, and the Ruth Dykeman Center. Beyond that, Navos has numerous apartment buildings and group homes that are completely occupied by MH patients.
    While I generally agree that it is best to keep many of these individuals grouped together (because of moderated to severe MH issues), I do find it odd that there never has been any sort of discussion on the City of Burien’s part to address the potential impacts of these types of facilities (either apartment buildings and/or group homes).
    One only needs to look at what happened in Normandy Park (with the Hanbleceya group) to see how this has the potential to be an issue. Not saying that there is anyting underhanded going on with Navos, but it seems more and more group homes are popping up, as well as apartment buildings being converted to mental health housing.
    City of Burien should begin looking into this.

    1. Nice to see someone else is paying attention besides me. The reason the city has turned a blind eye to all of this taking place right under our nose(s) is simple – the almighty dollar! Consider how much they raked in from construction permits alone.
      I question the placement of this type of facility. In a residential neighborhood, a school, near the heart of our business community- good idea? We will see. I know for a fact the police spend a good bit of time responding to calls at the NAVOS facility on 136th.
      Yes, it’s a big, fancy, expensive new building that the city can pat themselves on the back for. Kind of like our big, beautiful, new expensive library- and we know what a stew of miscreants it attracts!

      1. A quick run of the fees they have paid over the past two years for permits comes out to $173k. Now what? Where does the revenue come from now?

  2. I am thrilled to have this facility in our community. We have so many young people that need help, whether transitioning from foster care, escaping homelessness, family trauma, or mental illness. The Ruth Dykeman Center has provided decades of service to children, and this is a much-needed expansion of this facility. I’m proud that Burien will have this program.

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