Here’s our recap of the Burien City Council regular meeting held on Monday night, Mar. 6, 2023:

Proclamation: Women’s History Month

Washington was the fifth state to enact women’s suffrage in 1910, a decade before women won the right to vote nationally. March 8 has been celebrated as International Women’s Day since 1914, and Women’s History Month has been honored in March since 1987. Women of all ages, races, and backgrounds contribute every day to the strength of our community. The theme of the 2023 Women’s History Month is “Women Who Tell Our Stories”, celebrating women who utilize media of all forms. Paula Lamas, a journalist from Univision, was present to accept the Proclamation.

Burien’s Famous Tsutakawa Fountain to be Uncaged

Burien is home to a fountain designed by world-famous painter and sculptor, George Tsutakawa. Tsutakawa, a Pacific Northwest native, was a professor at the University of Washington. While he served as a Marine during WWII, his family was imprisoned in Japanese internment camps. A public commenter brought to Council’s attention Monday night that our Tsutakawa fountain is currently imprisoned in a cage at the library. This commenter was moved to tears as he read Tsutakawa’s words describing his work, which is meant to be a celebration of the poetry of Man and Nature. 

The piece was originally designed for the atrium at the old library building, which is now the Burien Community Center. This speaker asked that the fountain be returned to the place it was designed for, where it is surrounded by plants as it was intended. Later in the meeting, Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling requested that staff look into what it would take to move the fountain back.

Citizen of the Year is Vicky Hartley

In the past, multiple “Citizen’s of the Year” have been chosen by Council, in order to honor more than one person who has contributed in meaningful ways to our community. However, for simplicity and clarity rather than a lack of candidates, Council agreed to choose just one from the dozen or so contenders. Vicky Hartley, an organizer active in Boulevard Park, was chosen for her consistent, quiet service to the community. She brought awareness to residents of Boulevard Park around issues like flooding, and she inspired many others to work together for a resolution.

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