On Tuesday morning, May 7, 2024, the City of Burien emailed us a statement from City Manager Adolfo Bailon responding to our story on Burien Police Officers petition of “no confidence” in he and Mayor Kevin Schilling.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We did reach out to Bailon and Schilling early Saturday morning, May 4, 2024, giving them over 24 hours to respond, but at that time they either did not reply or declined to comment.

Here’s Bailon’s full statement:

“Burien is very disappointed and concerned by the letter offered by King County police officers in support of Chief Boe. Burien’s concerns with Chief Boe have existed for a while but are not personal. Regarding two significant problems in Burien, homelessness and how criminal conduct is addressed in Burien, Burien wants a new or fresh approach to creating a safe and inviting community for residents, businesses, and guests to enjoy.   

“The City of Burien requests that the King County police officers, who do good work despite being understaffed, continue their duties. Burien also asks that they allow the court process to address the constitutionality of Burien’s ordinance and, if necessary, the Oversight Committee to address the appropriateness of Burien’s request to have a new person assigned as Burien’s police chief. Under the agreement between King County and Burien (and all contract cities), the city chooses the police chief, and Burien should be allowed to exercise the rights granted under the parties’ agreement. 

“Finally, to clarify for those who do not know, the City of Burien does not have a police force.  The ‘Burien Police Department’ exists only through a clause in the City of Burien and King County agreement.  All personnel performing work under the name and logo ‘Burien Police Department’ are employees of King County Sheriff’s Office only, not the City of Burien.
“If should be further noted, the City of Burien has not received a copy of the letter of ‘no confidence’.”

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  1. Mr. Bailon’s all-encompassing language is incorrect. He does not speak for all Burien residents. There is a very large population of Burien who are very happy with Chief Boe’s performance, demeanor, and crime reduction strategies. We are not “disappointed” or “concerned” with Chief Boe and fully support his continued assignment to the city of Burien.

  2. What a weak response. To think you have had a week and this is all you could come up with. You should be replaced immediately.

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