The new Fire Station, located at 900 SW 146th Street, has sat empty for over three years.[/caption] Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer Fire District No. 2 announced Thursday (Sept. 3) that they have “finally compelled the contractor to repair and replace the defective precast cement pieces on the new fire station on SW 146th.” “While this was a long protracted fight with the contractor, we are pleased to be moving forward,” Fire Chief Mike Marrs told The B-Town Blog. “The District is proud to say we held the contractor responsible to provide the quality materials and building the taxpayers of Burien and Normandy Park paid for.” The cost of the repairs is in excess of $1 million, and will be covered by the contractor – there will be no additional cost to taxpayers. The most recent schedule provides for the repairs to be completed by December 1, 2015. Here are photos of some of the construction defects at the building:

The arches above the engine bay doors don’t match the colors and texture as promised.
A rebar problem near the rear northeast corner of the new Fire Station. This, along with other defective work, will be repaired after three years of no action.
“Once the Fire District approves the repairs, we will be moving in and running operations from the new station,” Marrs added. “The old headquarters station will then be surplused and sold.” As we’ve extensively reported before, the new Fire Station has sat empty since construction started in late summer 2011. The initial occupancy was first anticipated for summer, 2012 – three years ago. And now – finally – there’s a bright flame at the end of the tunnel. “The District would like to thank the community for their unwavering support during this difficult time,” Marrs said. “We will be scheduling a community open house soon. The District has operated from the old headquarters station for well over 70 years. The new headquarters building on 146th is designed to provide service to the community for the next 70 years and beyond. Thanks again to the citizens of Burien and Normandy Park for their wonderful support!”]]>

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5 replies on “Contractor to repair defective work at new Fire Station for Dec. 1 completion”

  1. We the citizens have not supported this total waste of tax payer money invested in a building that has sat empty for 3 years. The whole City has been at risk of a earthquake that would destroy the old / I mean current Fire Huose. I hate to PEE on your bright flame,

    1. How is it a waste of money? The fire department appears to have held the contractors feet to the fire, so that the job gets done right. Yeah, not being able to occupy/use the building is unfortunate, but what did you want them to do? Accept poor workmanship? Remember, this is all our tax money that funded this project. It’s in our best interest that the building we’re paying for is built correctly.

      1. Paying for the electricity, heat and A/C to be on in 2 bldgs for 3 years. Buildings also require maintenance , who paid for that? We ALL did.

        1. It would be interesting to know if that’s true. My understanding is that the Fire Department refused to accept ownership of the building until it was done right, that probably means that the contractor was responsible for all bills until the building was signed off on. That’s the way it usually works when you build a home.

          1. Good point. The building was hardly used so even those costs would be minimal and hopefully paid for by the contractor.

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