by Mark Neuman

I spoke Friday (June 5th) with Burien City Councilmember Rose Clark, who is running for re-election, Position No. 5.

As of press time (or in this electronic era, as of “hit send” time), Clark has no opposition in her bid for another four-year term on the council:

A May 20th B-Town Blog story covered a public protest by Burien resident Tai Oh concerning the April 19 arrest of Burien City Manager Mike Martin for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Martin entered a plea of “not guilty” on May 15.

In that story, Oh, who is calling for the resignation or firing of Martin, said he contacted the Burien city council as a body and each member individually via e-mail and voicemail and not a single councilmember responded to him.

“My office phone number is everywhere. I never received a phone call from him,” Clark said, referring to Oh.

“I would have been happy to talk to him if had he called me, but he didn’t.

“We did receive some emails from him over our city website.

“He has sent several (emails),” Clark said. “I can’t tell how many. (On) all of them the tone is very derogatory towards Mr. Martin, expressing anger that ‘a man like that’ is holding ‘that job’ (city manager). And demanding that he leave the city. On one email he called (Martin) an unkind word. I can’t even remember what the word was. But I’m not very impressed when people come on like that. They need to be a little bit more intelligent about their language.”

Among her major accomplishments over the recent four years, Clark says “I was very, very gratified to have pushed emergency preparedness enough that we hired an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (Karen Ferreira) which would have been a costly position except we share it with Normandy Park and Sea Tac.

“I think that is what I am most proud of.”

Regarding the August 18 annexation vote, Clark said “I think the people north of here will vote to come to Burien, a small city, more able to serve their needs.”

Will coming budget cuts result in the reduction of officer positions in the Burien Police Department?

“I think, yes, the possibility is there,” Clark said. “However, our Police Chief, Scott Kimerer, is pursuing grants. We might lose a couple positions, but through the grants, we might gain them back.”

The seven-member council will, this January, elect a mayor.

Would Clark want to be elected mayor?

“No I don’t think I have that kind of personality. I would consider serving as deputy mayor again.”

Clark served her first term as Council member earlier in the decade. She has served as deputy mayor six times, her most recent term expiring this past February. The term of deputy mayor runs one year.

She is employed as a library tech at an area high school, and has been there since 1992.

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  1. I just wish more people would run, besides the same old tired people. The City Council has become known in my circle as "The Burien Garden Club". There hasn't been an innovative idea on that council since god was a boy.

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