LucyKrakowiak14bMayor Lucy Krakowiak announced her campaign for re-election to the Burien City Council on Monday, Dec. 22. Krakowiak, unanimously selected as Mayor on Jan. 6, 2014, has served on the council since November, 2003. She is currently serving her third term. Prior to being selected as Mayor, she previously served as Deputy Mayor. Krakowiak’s current term expires Dec. 31, 2015. She is the first councilmember to announced her desire for re-election. Also expiring on Dec. 31, 2015 are terms for Bob Edgar and Gerald Robison. Lucy has lived in Burien since 1988, and has had a massage therapy business here since 1994. She was born and raised in Kailua-Oahu, Hawaii, and graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Lucy explored the field of science as a high school biology and chemistry teacher and a field researcher at the University of Washington School of Forestry before settling down to her massage and craniosacral therapy career. Here’s her official campaign announcement;

I, Lucy Krakowiak, am officially announcing my campaign for re-election for the Burien City Council. It has been an honor to serve the people of Burien as their councilmember, deputy mayor and mayor. Burien has made it through this most recent economic downturn. It’s time to take advantage of this opportunity to position ourselves for strategic development, making Burien the best it can be. With a new council in place, Economic Development and Public Safety are our top priorities. In April of 2014, the council selected a new City Manager with the experience, community values, and passion to help our community excel. The Burien council is starting to turn Burien around. We need to fill our empty store fronts, generate diverse revenue sources, provide the best public safety possible, ensure the public services Burien deserves, strengthen our neighborhoods and protect our environment. Thank you for all you do to make Burien better! It would be my pleasure to continue serving and working with you as your councilmember. I can be reached at (206) 242-8378 and if you have questions or comments regarding my campaign. If you would like to contact me as your elected official, I can be reached at (206) 242-8378 and

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  1. Lucy has my vote because she helped dump the PAA and has Burien first and foremost in mind. The whiners from outside the City limits cannot even vote for Burien’s council so why even comment about this article because it has nothing to do with you.

      1. When you or anyone else who uses a “real” name while commenting please go ahead and also post a photo of your drivers license to prove your real name, and to prove your point.

  2. Eating Beavers. It took me awhile because I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and of course it is a double entendre which often needs to be explained to me anyway.
    Eating Beavers for breakfast? Eating Beavers for lunch? Eating Beavers for dinner? Or Eating Beavers for a midnight snack?

    1. I would never question ones brightness! I even like Jimmy!!! It is interesting to see how long it takes,tho. Still waiting QA 🙂 BTW, anytime is a good time but I’m sure you know that.

      1. yes I agree on the fact that blog should stop the anonymous posting’s. Make a login system that people have to register with there full name and address but can still post under a user name of their choosing as long it has their first name in it so at least the editor can verify the info if needed. Like for me I use my real first name I would post my full name but I get in to few to many heated conversation on here that some might want to start a fight over or something stupid like that. Since it only takes a couple clicks of a mouse to look up someone name and get their address. I feel It’s just safer for those people to not have that information.

    1. Your so full b.s and try start so much crap that I think it’s about time editor might want to start banning from posting for a while instead shutting down the comments completely.
      Or start a poll on the issue and see what the readers of this blog have to say. You tend to disagree with just about everyone on here . You also occasional make comments that could get you in some legal issues (driving with a fully loaded firearm). I mean the editor could take your comments to the police or a layer see what they have to say see if there’s anything they can do . All they have to do have enough to file harassment charges then the police will contact your I.s.p for your information and boom your gone!

      1. Jimmy get back on the medication will you please, you are so wacky and out in left field with your statements that I believe, as do other people on this blog who also have commented about your compentency should actually consider having you recommited to the mental hospital you have obviously escaped from. I actually say all that with your best interests in mind this holiday season. Remember this is about Lucy K.after all.

  3. Why were all the emergency vehicles running down 13th in Gregory Heights this afternoon? Lots of activity? What happened?

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