IMG_3748 From left to right: King County District Court Judge Mark Eide, councilmembers Austin Bell, Bob Edgar, Lucy Krakowiak, and King County District Court Judge David Christi. Photo by Scott Schaefer.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_94887" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.09.24 PM Councilmembers are sworn in. Photo courtesy City of Burien.[/caption] by Scott Schaefer Burien City Councilmember – and Mayor for 2015 – Lucy Krakowiak was re-elected Mayor at Monday night’s meeting, with Bob Edgar being re-elected as Deputy Mayor. Krakowiak and Edgar both received the majority needed from the seven councilmembers – 4 votes – while Nancy Tosta, Lauren Berkowitz and newly-elected Austin Bell all chose to abstain from voting. Krakowiak’s name was the only one tossed into the Mayoral ring, while Edgar defeated Tosta for Deputy Mayor. The 4 votes for Krakowiak and Edgar came from Steve Armstrong, Debi Wagner, Edgar and Krakowiak. One interesting anecdote is that the current seating arrangement places Berkowitz, Bell and Tosta – the apparent minority three – together on the left side, while Krakowiak, Edgar, Wagner and Armstrong are all seated together on the right. BERKOWITZ AND TOSTA DISAPPROVE OF KRAKOWIAK Both Berkowitz and Tosta commented that they did not believe Krakowiak was worthy of being re-elected:

“One of the criteria for councilmembers – let alone Mayor – is to uphold the state and federal constitution,” Berkowitz said. “I don’t believe this councilmember (?) has done so during her tenure, therefore I will also be abstaining.” “I believe that effective political leaders understand how to make progress through inclusivity, compromise and negotiation,” Tosta said. “Two years ago I voted for councilmember Krakowiak as Mayor as an act of compromise, with the hope that she could build a united council. As is noted in our community that has not happened – our council is divided, dysfunctional and not respected by those in our community, and given that I think we need leadership that brings out the best in each of us, that fosters cooperation and improves the quality of life for all citizens in our city. Given we do not have that leadership, I will be abstaining.”
Here’s a video showing the votes as well as the anti-Krakowiak comments (NOTE: the online video stream was having technical problems, but Scott Schaefer was on hand to record this on his iPhone): [youtube][/youtube] Here’s a video of Bell, Edgar and Krakowiak being sworn in by King County District Court Judges Mark Eide and David Christie: [youtube][/youtube] Jack Mayne will have an additional article about the rest of council meeting, so check back soon…]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

11 replies on “Krakowiak re-elected Mayor, Edgar Deputy Mayor; 3 abstain from voting”

  1. Again, not like it’s a huge unexpected surprise, the continually problematic faces of Bezerkoitz, Tosta and now Bell show themselves right on schedule. Hey you three, thanks for a disappointing start to 2016, we all now know you will get in the way of all forward and necessary Burien business, but fortunately always be out voted and thankfully so.

  2. It seems ironic that the ones complaining about “lack of compromise” are the ones with the “my way or the highway” attitude. And it is sad that the year starts out with factions and battle lines being drawn by three council members. Disappointing start for Mr. Bell. Not promising for any change in the bickering and petty style of last year.

  3. Perhaps Bell is abstaining because he’s new? I hope that’s the case, but my gut tells me he’s simply earning political brownie points with Tosta and Berkowitz.
    Mr. Bell: Remember, you represent ALL the citizens of Burien–not just the ones who voted for you.

  4. NOTE: The following Comment was posted on behalf of ‘BetterBurien’ by Scott Schaefer, due to a technical glitch:

    Why didn’t Austin vote? Also, this comment is pure poison: “I think we need leadership that brings out the best in each of us.” This sounds like a comment better directed at a kindergarten class. It’s this kind of political rhetoric that gets us nowhere. A leader can’t effectively lead without proper support. Our Mayor can’t change other councilmembers’ propensity for “dysfunctional” behavior unless those people are WILLING AND OPEN to change (like a mature adult). I hope citizens stop and think about the message underneath this kind of flowery speech and don’t just take it at face value. Sure, it sounds nice on the surface, but what is REALLY being said? Can we reasonably expect our Mayor to unite a council with such divisive opinions? Could someone else really do a better job? It is still strikingly apparent who does and does not have Burien’s best interests in mind.

  5. NOTE: The following Comment was posted on behalf of Joey Martinez by Scott Schaefer, due to a technical glitch:

    Where were all of these comments in support of the “Mayor” when Bob, Lucy, and Jack were causing all kinds of trouble?
    Or does supporting the Mayor only count when you agree with their agenda?

    1. Joey your definition of trouble is opposing annexation in the face of a conspiracy between the majority on the council at that time, the white center council and the city manager in direct conflict with the wishes of the vast majority of the city residents.
      You were part of that conspiracy Joey. So your comments need to be taken with a bucket of salt.

  6. NOTE: The following Comment was posted on behalf of Jimmy by Scott Schaefer, due to a technical glitch:

    Ok this rather funny already people on here are connecting Mr.Bell to Tosta and Berkowitz. Just because Mr.Bell didn’t have anything to say about Krakowiak past good or bad. Also the pure fact is he said when he was running for the council he does not waste time bickering so why would he say something bad or suggest that mayor has not done her job correctly like Tosta and Berkowitz did. which from as far as I see it he does not want to start by complaining about the past. Now I am not a supporter of Mr.Bell but for people to try throw him under the bus for the first little thing really this what you want waste your time on. Mr.Bell decided not to say anything so you want to come up with the worse thing he could say as his opinion on the situation. Could this be a fear tactic used to make people think that OMG he is not good burien he doesn’t want waste our tax dollars and time bickering over nonsense. oh wait that’s a good thing ahh aaaa!

  7. What bothers me about the abstentions was that they did not offer an alternative. It’s fine to disagree when you can suggest a constructive option. But to just refuse to participate when no other alternative is given seems childish and spiteful.

  8. The nerve of N.Tosta, complaining about a lack of civility and unity on the council! She needs to look squarely in the mirror (and of course to her left…LB) to see the nexus of the problem. If you can’t even be bothered to vote, please resign. This goes especially for newbie Austen Bell. If you didn’t know enough about the participants to vote, why didn’t you? Part of your job is to be well and fully informed, Councilmember, and to make good decisions on behalf of the city. Not voting is a decision, but certainly not a principled one.

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