Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 5.39.12 PM by Jack Mayne Local attorney Holli Giffin and former Deputy Mayor Bob Edgar are now running head-to-head for the Position 2 seat held by Mayor Lucy Krakowiak, and she has jumped to position 4 to try for a new term on the Burien City Council against newcomer Jon Scherer. Two candidates have filed for position 6, currently held by Councilmember Gerald Robison, who did not file for a new term. Darla Green, a local business owner of Skinperfect Aesthetics and Beauty Bar and vocal opponent of Seattle homeless demonstrators and Austin Bell are going for Robison’s seat. “It is time that someone with leadership and passion steps up to take on the role of advocating for Burien and its citizens, without any personal agendas to distract from the important task of advancing Burien forward to become a successful and prosperous small city,” Green said in April on The B-Town Blog. Austin Bell is a longtime Burien resident, who studied at Highline College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Washington while working as a licensed real estate broker. “My passion for local government and community development continued through my work as a real estate professional and into my current pursuit of a Master’s in Urban Planning from the UW,” Bell said on his website. Bell also says that his great-grandfather settled in Burien at the turn of the 19th century, and that his grandfather was “the first person to win a mayoral election in our town.” Neighborhood declining Scherer said in an email Friday that he was born and raised in New York, that he and his wife moved to Seattle in 1996, then bought a house in Boulevard Park in 2002. He said he has been working as a manager in a variety of businesses for more than 20 years but for the past seven he works for the Records and Licensing Services Division for the King County Recorder’s Office. “I’m running for city council because I love my neighborhood, and I believe it needs an active voice in our city government, as do all the residential neighborhoods of Burien,” Scherer said. “Since Boulevard Park’s annexation in 2010, I’ve seen our neighborhood decline in terms of crime, housing issues, economic development, etc., and I’ve seen very little, if any, substantive effort from our city government to affect that. “That needs to change.”]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

12 replies on “Krakowiak, Edgar swap positions, Robison will not seek reelection”

  1. So we have a political carreer wanna be/socialist, SU Law grad/socialist- both with ties to Lauren Berkowitz, Dow Constines BFF/socialist, two expierenced CM’s and a local small business owner. I wonder who is really interested in Burien and its citizens and who wants to use Burien as a stepping stone……..let the games begin!

    1. It’s great that you can just call half of the candidates socialists because you think that anyone reading this blog will take the word of an ANONYMOUS poster and not actually look into the candidates for themselves. Also, I’m curious how it’s bad to be a “political career wanna be” but then when you are an “experienced CM” seeking reelection (= political career wanna be) that’s suddenly a good thing. Is it just the “socialists” that you don’t want to have political “careers”? I wonder if you’re really interested in Burien and its candidates or if you’re trying to use this article as a stepping stone?

  2. Here are some facts for your next post:
    Holli did not graduate from SU Law
    Holli only just met Lauren 1 month ago
    Holli is not a Socialist
    Holli is not running to promote her political career, she is running to promote the city she lives in.

    1. That’s all fine and good, but rather than just promote Burien how about promote what the civic majority indicates Burien really needs.

        1. Holli, you may or may not be well-qualified for the position, but for the love of God please stop writing in the third person.

          1. Third person. Do you mean like calling yourself “She who intends…”? Pretty funny.

          2. Why would one of her supporters think it’s appropriate/professional to make comments on public blogs using her name? If I was Holli, and I’m not, I’d be asking that supporter to stop impersonating me. Just saying..

          3. You think I am impersonating her because of the Name I use? I never once led by one to believe that I was I Holli Giffin. I think it’s weird that you thought a real person would speak about themselves in the 3rd person.

    2. It is rather presumptuous to think facts are more important than baseless accusations and name calling on this blog.

  3. I see that this elections word will be “socialist”, like the last one had “pro-annexation” to stir up fear among the voters.

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