The B-Town Blog welcomes all readers, neighbors, voters and anyone who would like to attend, to our three upcoming Candidate Forums, featuring candidates for the three open seats on the Burien City Council. The forums are free, and will occur at the ERAC, a school district building located at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW, just north of SW 160th and across the street from Azteca Restaurant. Each event starts at 7 p.m. and will run approx. 90 minutes:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 22: Council Position #4: Lucy Krakowiak vs Jon Scherer
  • Tuesday, Oct. 6: Council Position #6: Austin Bell vs Darla Green
  • Tuesday, Oct.13: Council Position #2: Bob Edgar vs Holli Giffin
Questions will be taken from the audience. Each forum will be moderated by B-Town Blog senior political writer Jack Mayne. The B-Town Blog will also record audio and take photos for followup stories.]]>

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30 replies on “SAVE THE DATES: Three B-Town Blog Candidate Forums coming up soon”

  1. Here’s my breakdown –
    Lucy K. vs Jon S. – Lucy is pro Burien / anti Berkowitz agenda, Jon is a Berkowitz clone.
    Austin B. vs Darla G. – Austin is a Berkowitz clone, Darla supports safety and prosperity.
    Bob E. vs Holli G. Bob is pro Burien / anti Berkowitz agenda, Holli is a undefined mystery.

    1. Interesting QofA calling the democrat candidate’s all Berkowitz supporters seems like you have something up your sleeve here. If my memory is right a certain john p. is or was also a republican supporter to. You and this john p are just having more and more things in common. If your not same person you two should get together and play around a golf I have feeling you have same handicap.

      1. Now Jimmy, your jumping to conclusions again which is rather unnecessary. My voting record shows a lifelong history of Democratic support but my ballot gets marked with what is best for society given the choices available. I realize the so called benefits and burdens of both parties and their adopted doctrine(s) so my vote is made carefully and with conviction. P.S. I don’t golf.

        1. Well that seems a little odd since most of your post’s scream republican supporter. Like your thought’s on the low income,firearms restrictions laws. Even if it’s a non partisan election you have to think down the road when people like donald trump are running for the republican ticket. Who are these candidates going to vote for a president one that is democratic or republican.
          Then also you have to be even more careful on who is for mmj and i-502 and who is against it. Because some in the republican party are really against these things and still believe the old government and corporations lies about cannabis. Then also fail to take in consideration any new medical information on the topic.

      2. Jimmy your comment is irrelevent. Its only common courtesy to address the topic at hand and not some twilight zone agenda .
        Its pretty obvious you are ok with us electing more disasters like LB to our council even though you don’t even live here.

        1. Well john here is where you are wrong I did not say who I was going vote for lb or even who I would vote for. Also I do live in the area and I am a register voter in washington am not trying to sway people’s vote with utter nonsense and fake names and using proxy servers to hide my true identity to troll a blog. John you been caught doing rather stupid stuff on here like the william forest situation.See as I see this situation is the only reason you don’t like my comments and want to bicker and discredit me is because I have called you out on your BullSh**! I also have the proof to back it up . But all you have is nothing but more making comments like Jimmy you have bump on head or a psychological problem and why would this be. What is using the truth and honesty count as a psychological problem I think not. Ok john someone that has came up with multiple names to troll a blog and sway people’s votes when you’re not even register to vote in this state as it has been stated and proven on this very same blog. Then to find out that you also have bought into a internet service provider around the same time as the annexation was going on wow really! But you continue to try pull the same bullsh** time and time again. I think this is more a sign of a psychological problem then someone like myself that is trying to post the truth and honesty on a blog. Now john just because you have money does mean you’re right all the time.

    2. I think it’s also important to note that Holli Giffin has been endorsed by Lauren Berkowitz.

      1. Thats enough to campaign against her. The last thing Burien needs is more whack jobs like Berkowitz on our city council!

      2. My “undefined mystery” is no longer that. Being endorsed by L.B. is like the worst thing any candidate wants.

  2. Jimmy, I am glad somebody feel they know what the republican party is all about!? Trump for president would be such a hoot, if it weren’t so scary. Talk about an inflated ego! I can see the outlawing of reservation casinos on the horizon if he get’s elected. (Why not eliminate the competition while he’s in office.) Has the religious right conveniently forgotten where he’s made his money? Oh well, I suppose I will get hissed for being off topic. Like I could care who get’s elected to our council. It will still be dysfunctional as long as our princess is on board.

    1. All the more reason to not elect any Berkowitz clones and further her delusional agenda and grandstanding.

      1. QA, well, there is that, though I don’t think she’s delusional. Why not run an option to vote her out of office on the next ballot? Now, if one of the candidates or current council would suggest that, that would be a debate worth watching!

        1. “Why not run an option to vote her out of office on the next ballot?” It isn’t that simple.
          Article I, §33 of the Washington Constitution says that a recall can only occur if the targeted public official has engaged in the “commission of some act or acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office, or who has violated his oath of office.”
          I wonder, though, if Roger DeLorm’s letter in the last council packet might provide grounds for that?
          A petition for recall must include a specified number of valid signatures from registered voters determined as a percentage of total votes cast for all candidates who ran for the office in the most recent election contest. This amounts to:
          25 percent for state officers, other than judges, senators and representatives; city officers of cities of the first class; school district boards in cities of the first class; county officers in counties of the first, second and third classes,
          35 percent for officers of all other political subdivisions, cities, towns, townships, precincts, and school districts not otherwise mentioned; and state senators and representatives.

          1. You would have to be able to vote QofA See this is another thing you have in common with john poitras you love to try to sway the way people vote with out being register to vote your self.
            Question Authority says:
            July 22, 2015 at 10:27 pm
            I would, but my conviction for aggravated first degree murder disqualified me from voting

          2. Jimmy do you believe everything you hear or read? First you relentlessly and mistakenly accuse me of being a certain arch nemesis of yours John P. then you go as far as calling me a Republican. You really should have that pronounced bump on your head looked at, it’s clouding your thought process.

          3. Well if we can’t believe your comment on your criminal history and voter registration then how are we suppose to believe what your saying about your voting history and who we should we vote for.
            I mean this comment you made on your criminal history was a reply to me questioning your voter registration. So you don’t want to prove me wrong when you have clear chance of doing it. But instead you make some dumb comment for me catch you again. Nice going
            p.s. I like it when I search for you on this blog a lot of links are to john p comments made me laugh. I wonder if the search function uses algorithms.

          4. JImmy or whatever you name is .. do you have anything to say that actually contributes to the conversation or are the cancerous lies you post about other people just a symptom of your psycological problems?

          5. “You really should have that pronounced bump on your head looked at”
            It’s actually on his shoulders.

          6. Well qofa let’s see repubicans don’t like the low income, immigrants and gun control. Then reading your post you seem to not like the low income, immigrants and gun control among other things. So you wonder why I may have came to the conclusion that you’re a Republican this might just be why.
            Oh yeah John p doesn’t like the low-income,immigrants and gun control either. Then if you look at the timeline of when John P stop or slow down on posting and you started posting was about the same time. Posting in a very similar typing style and on the same topics as John p would have post. Then bickering in a very similar way to the way that John p would bicker with anyone that disagrees or questions his post’s. So see this how I came to theses conclusions not from some bump on my head.

          7. He never will reveal his last name. I too am sure he lives in unincorporated King county and is Not able to vote. Just a troll.

          8. Nope registered voter since my 18th birthday and lived in burien since the annexation before that my neighborhood was part of unincorporated king county.
            Like I have said before I have no reason to post my full name. I just post the truth and you bozo’s don’t like how surprising.

          9. Thank you for the information Mr. Schaefer. Would you know what the Burien directive is for recall? From a casual glance through Google, I see their are a few options for towns the size and age of Burien. It appears in some towns the evidence can be placed before a judge and/or jury. One would certainly want to have exact instances of misbehavior that would qualify under our towns requirements for a recall/dismissal. A lawyer/judge could be asked for guidance on these points. The new access to cell phone records might provide enough evidence of intent to be disruptive to meetings and decisions, etc..
            If in fact, a vote of the people is required, it is unlikely all of this could be put in order prior to this election cycle. But, if we want a functioning council in the near future and a vote of the people is required for a recall, it must be persued. Such action will be laborious and costly, but it is the only way to put future ‘clones’ on notice.

          10. Sections 110-270 contains the procedures for having a recall. What someone would have to do is basically write up a charge of the acts that the Council Member has committed and file it with the county elections department. The Superior Court has to hold a hearing to determine if the charges are sufficient, then there is a maximum of 180 days to collect signatures to meet the requirement of 35% of the voters. Then it would go on the ballot.

          11. Thank you again Mr. Schaefer for your help. Here is another link that I found through the Burien website, that gives another scenario for initiating a recall at the city level of governance.
   was very helpful in general to get a better understanding of how Washington towns and cities are set-up and governed.
            For anyone who is interested, Burien is a Council/Manager, non-charter, optional code city.
            Must say the Burien website is in serious need of being up-dated and re-formatted. At first it looks okay, but it has many out of date, un-dated posts and dead links and is not well organized. Take a look at some other city websites and then look at the Burien website. We can do better.

  3. A open letter to “Jimmy?” in regards to your speculation(s) and assumptions. This all driven by your asinine and continued nonsense and utter stupidity.
    #1 I am not named John or in anyway associated with whomever that is.
    #2 I am not a Republican, yet I have voted for a few in the past.
    #3 I only have a problem with low income individuals who milk the welfare system.
    #4 I am the descendant of immigrants.
    #5 I am a gun owner, yet not a NRA member or do I pack. I own to protect what I have worked had to earn, and to place in the grave those who deserve it by violating my safety and that of my family. P.S. And others on demand.
    It would be to your benefit and to the rest of our pleasure if you pulled your head out of your behind and came back to reality for the sake of mankind. QA

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