EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was updated with correct results at 7:34 p.m. on Nov. 24, 2015: King County Elections on Tuesday (Nov. 24) issued the final, certified results for the Nov. 3 General Election, and in the race for Buren City Council, Position No. 6, Austin Bell has been officially declared the winner over Darla Green by a margin of 189 votes, or just 2.31%:

City of Burien Council Position No. 6:
  • Austin Bell: 4,168 • 50.97%
  • Darla Green: 3,979 • 48.66%
  • Write-in: 30 • 0.37%
Incumbent Bob Edgar beat Holli Giffin by 1,169 votes, or 14.28%:
City of Burien Council Position No. 2:
  • Bob Edgar: 4,662 • 56.91%
  • Holli Giffin: 3,493 • 42.63%
  • Write-in: 38 • 0.46%
And incumbent Lucy Krakowiak beat Jon Scherer by 1,754 votes, or 21.47%:
City of Burien Council Position No. 4:
  • Lucy Krakowiak: 4,947 • 60.57%
  • Jon Scherer: 3,193 • 39.10%
  • Write-in: 28 • 0.34%
A total of 9,280 ballots were returned out of 24,896 registered voters in Burien, for a local turnout percentage of 37.28%.]]>

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16 replies on “ELECTION FINAL: Austin Bell officially declared winner by 189 votes”

  1. What a sad sad sad day for downtrodden Burien! Just more mayhem coming for
    Burien. What can a 25 year old student offer us?..an ability to contribute to a community like this takes decades of life experience…Mr. bell will have a tough time finding the drug infested mens room at City Hall as he steos over the vagrant youth who run the city hall site! Good Luck…sorry it will get worse. More Nancy Tosta….huma, huma, huma, huma! Lets study, lets exam and oh yea support Lauren in defunding those “god awful” POLICE!
    Life in Burien 2016 and beyond…maybe we can add another economic development staff person and sell more vacant space!

    1. We have to oust Lauren Berkowitz from the city council in two years. And Mr. Bell, we will be paying special attention to the decisions you make while on the city council.

      1. He came to our door and claimed he did not seek the LB endorsement and he claimed he had a much different vision of governance than the dysfunctional gov’t loving Berkowitz.
        So I am hopeful he will NOT be a rubber stamp for looney tune Berkowitz.

        1. Given that Jeff Upthegrove was involved in both of their campaigns, and that on social media one can find a connection between Lauren and Austin going back to at least 2013, including a picture of both of them together at a union event, his claim is suspect, but let’s see how his voting record develops.

    2. A 25 year old can offer Burien a whole lot more than this finger shaking post offers. In fact, he’s a lot more mature than half the anonymous wankers posting about the election on this blog.

      1. Kellie B – so far Austin has offered only simplistic platitudes on the back of slick campaign flyers (“make our community safer and improve sidewalks”), financed by god knows who. Which is why, I and hopefully any other concerned residents / voters of Burien will be watching what he does. If and when he gets it right, I will praise him. If he gets in wrong, I will call him out on that. I am very skeptical that he will be an independent voice of common sense on the council, but we shall see. If he ends up being a Berkowitz clone then, Austin – enjoy your term because it will probably be your only one.

        1. I have to agee with Peter. Berkowitz knocked on my door during her run for office and promised sidewalks and other vague promises. I saw through that and did not vote for her. Seems like Bell has the same campaign manager. Lets see what we get with him. Not my candidate but I have to hope that since his family has a deep tie to Burien that he dosnt sell us out to his puppet masters that put him there.

  2. An open letter to Austin Bell.
    My dear sweet Austin, as you start this new journey away from the warmth of your Mothers embrace, may you find this new world full of excitement and wonder. The opportunities ahead of you should not be wasted on fruitless collaboration and unspoken loyalty to lost causes, who by siding with will only wreck any and all forward momentum you wish to add to Burien’s well being. Please be part of the solution, as picking and supporting the wrong side will get you nowhere but out voted and alienated for your time serving Burien. Please don’t end up a useless mouthpiece like Lauren Bezerkoitz whose actions have not gotten her, or Burien anything or anywhere but set back and frustrated. This town is looking for a way up and out, not more wasted air and time, so don’t waste ours.

  3. Nice job Austin. Even though I am old, I am not afraid to let the younger generation have a shot at leadership. God knows we screwed it up enough along the way. Pay no attention to the nameless dweebs on this site who are still sore and shocked that their handpicked candidate actually lost.

    1. Regardless of who wanted who, the goal ahead for all of Burien is to have a seat filled by an actual participant in the betterment of Burien, not special interests, PAC’s or advocacy groups. The focus should always be on the existing core of residents who live, play, and invest here. Get it, Got it, Good!

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