King County Elections on Tuesday (Nov. 28) certified the results of the Nov. 7 general election, and the final returns confirm what we called on Nov. 14 – the ‘Progressive’ slate of Pedro Olguin, Jimmy Matta, Nancy Tosta and Krystal Marx have officially won. Some final notes/observations:

  • Pedro Olguin beat Joel Manning by 252 votes; early returns had him behind by as many as 300, making his the biggest local comeback of 2017.
  • Jimmy Matta won by 368 votes over incumbent Debi Wagner. The first returns had Wagner ahead by 126 votes.
  • Krystal Marx beat Patty Janssen by 669 votes; first returns had her leading by just 4 votes.
  • Nancy Tosta defeated Darla Green by 1,836 votes – the biggest margin of victory for this race.
  • Vote turnout was just over 42%.
  • The City of Burien will now have its first two Latinx councilmembers – Olguin and Matta.
  • A swearing-in ceremony is planned for the council meeting on Dec. 18; usually this takes place during the first meeting in January, but scheduling difficulties made it easier to move this up.
Some statements from winners: Pedro Olguin:
“A BIG thank you to everyone that believed, volunteered, endorsed, and donated to our campaign. I am humbled and thankful for all the support.”
Nancy Tosta:
“The results are certified and final! Thanks to everyone who provided support throughout this interminable election process! Now the challenge – recognizing and respecting our diverse views as we work to continue to build our community such that everyone can thrive. I’d love to hear your ideas on ways you want to engage and issues you think Council should address to help Burien move forward. Here’s to our shared future!”
Here are the final results: City Of Burien Council Position No. 1:
  • Pedro E. Olguin: 5,586 • 51.15%
  • Joel Manning: 5,334 • 48.85%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 10,920 City Of Burien Council Position No. 3:
  • Debi Wagner*: 5,304 • 48.32%
  • Jimmy Matta: 5,672 • 51.68%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 10,976 City Of Burien Council Position No. 5:
  • Darla Green: 4,554 • 41.61%
  • Nancy Tosta*: 6,390 • 58.39%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 10,944 City Of Burien Council Position No. 7:
  • Krystal Marx: 5,754 • 53.09%
  • Patty Janssen: 5,085 • 46.91%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 10,839 * denotes incumbent Read our full 2017 election coverage here.]]>

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