By Jack Mayne

If enough residents complain to the Federal Aviation Administration by Wednesday (June 21), there is a chance the return of the automatic cacophony of loud airplanes at all hours buzzing again over Burien could be averted.

This from a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in FAA case law as he briefed the Burien City Council Monday night.

The absolute deadline is Wednesday (June 21) at midnight Burien time.

Larry Cripe, President of the Quiet Skies Coalition reminded people at the Monday meeting that there is only a day remaining in the call by the regional FAA for comments on the potential of returning automatic 250 degree turns of propjet planes over Burien when the take off and landing is northbound, called the “northward flow.”

He reminded people “there is no greater threat to the community than the airport and what they have been doing to us.”

The FAA withdrew its order for automatic left turns of all propjets, but then set up a 14-day comment period which seeks public comment on reinstating the automatic west turns for all propjets.

That comment period ends at midnight Wednesday (June 21). Some may see a time of midnight on Wednesday, but speculation that the time is eastern daylight time, so the earlier hours here.

City Attorney Lisa Marshall introduced lawyer Matt Adams (pictured, below) of the Dentons’ law firm of San Francisco, a firm the city hired because it is experienced in handling federal aviation matters. That firm had originally been brought into the situation by Quiet Skies prior to the decision to have the city lead on legal matters – mainly because of the city’s broader financial ability.

Adams said the matter of keeping the flights over Burien controlled is complicated because there is litigation taking place at the same time as the administrative process of making legal the resumption of the automatic plane turns. The FAA is seeking public comment on the potential problems of allowing the turns to again become standard for all of the smaller commuter planes.

“If the FAA gets a lot of feedback that this proposal is not acceptable,” said Adams, and then there “is a chance that it will revise its proposal and come up with something better.”

If few Burien residents complain by this Wednesday at midnight, then “chances are that the FAA will probably proceed to do what it did the first time – approve the 250 degree heading.”

The FAA announced that interested parties can submit comments online until Wednesday, June 21 to: [email protected].

People also can mail comments to:

Noise Concerns
1601 Lind Ave SW
Renton WA 98057

During public comment at the beginning of the Council meeting Monday, several residents brought up the problem of crime and disruptive people in the community. Interim City Manager Tony Piasecki said staff will investigate the several complaints in a north Burien neighborhood, and work with police to find potential solutions.

Doug Hill, a SeaTac resident and a director of Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound said “we all have a crime problem, you feel powerless, you feel frustrated” which is tarnishing the brand of Burien. The crime problem of the area must be addressed, he said, or there “will be irreparable damage done to your brand.”

Residents of the community are urged to provide tips and facts about crime problems in the city and pass them on to local police agencies “who hopefully go out and … make the community safer.”

He said all tips are anonymous so “the fear of retribution is taken off the plate,” and if the tip results in an arrest the person is eligible for an anonymous reward.

He suggested that people use their cell phones to make tips on a special tip line that Crime Stoppers maintains and download the free tip software.

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

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  1. CM Berkowitz, while in attendance at last nights council meeting, tweeted a number of comments during the meeting. Her tweet about Crime Stopper’s comments was: “Crimestoppers of Puget Sound is here encouraging vigilantism.”

    1. 140 characters of nonsense that if you’re not in the same thinking pattern. Your kinda like wait what?

      Does it matter what she says on Twitter. A simple suggestion would be not follow her on Twitter. If you don’t like what she has to say. You can even block her. I blocked Trump awhile back just to do it.

  2. We are unable to make the Meeting Due to being Handicapped-But Please STOP THE PLANES–THE Noise is Horrible, Deafening even though the Port Gave us all new Doors & Windows-The Port of Seattle Needs to Give us MORE Insulation!!!! You Can’t talk to the Person next to you Or if you are on the Phone you have to tell the Person you are talking to -hold on ’till the Plane goes over–Not to Mention Loss of Hearing. We Support Matt Adams & Anything He can do to Help us all. Thank You.

  3. I’ve written and emailed and continue to call the port noise hotline- now it’s your turn! Squeaky wheels get noticed!!!!

  4. I would like to see a map of area of Burien these flights are actually effecting. I wonder how many people are hearing the 3thrd run way. Thinking it is this situation and making public comments. How many people hear plane’s from Boeing field think it’s this issue.

    How many people have a ultimate issue with the port for years and will discredit and fight them to the end of time.

    1. “How many people have a ultimate issue with the port for years and will discredit and fight them to the end of time.”

      A great many I should think.

    2. Capt. Obvious,
      The maps are readily available. Just look at Quiet Skies website. You will see that it’s
      “Obvious” where the noise is coming from. Not third runway, not Boeing Field for heaven’s sake.

      1. I’m just wondering because there has been some comments from in the tophat area of people hearing noise from planes and other areas of Burien. That most likely are not these turns. But other plane noise or even Boeing field.

        Then there are people that have ultimate hatred towards the port or the FAA and see this as away of getting back at them. For things that might not be there issue.

        But anyways the deadline passed so who knows what will happen.

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