Seattle City Light is partnering with the City of Burien and the King County Library System to install an electric vehicle charging station at the Burien City Hall/Library parking lot.

City Light anticipates that this charging station will be operational and open to the public in October 2021.

The utility is installing publicly accessible EV fast chargers throughout the service area to “ensure that neighborhoods have equitable access to EV charging.”

Construction is scheduled to start in July, 2021 and last approximately two to three months.

Anticipated Impacts:

    • Crews will install fencing at the city hall parking lot during construction.
    • Customers can expect construction activities for three weeks. The temporary fencing will come down in early August. Some noise is expected during construction.
    • The EV manufacturer will deliver the charging equipment in August/September. The installation will occur in September.
    • City Light anticipates that this charger will be operational and open to the public in October, 2021.

EV Charging Details:

    • Drivers would be limited to one hour of parking while charging at these spaces.
    • Anyone with an EV capable of fast charging can use the charging station.
    • Drivers would need to pay a fee to use the charging station. The fee is designed to pay for the electricity and the cost of building the station. A typical EV can drive about 3.5 miles on 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity.

Customers can find additional construction details on the City Light website here:

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