Burien’s New Start Community Garden – home of the Shark Garden – announced this week that Adam C. Powers has joined its Board.

Powers is an African American storyteller, green energy expert, teacher, technologist, artist, gardener, and (most importantly) father of a brilliant little 6-year old boy. He founded a non-profit called Key Tech Labs that brings emerging technologies to underprivileged areas to help create self-sustaining communities. Key Tech Labs teaches youth how to use technology to empower themselves and their community. The best example is the Farmbot, an open-source CNC machine that installs over a garden bed and can plant, water, and weed the garden all by itself. The green technology Adam brings to the Shark Garden at New Start High School in Burien includes solar power, augmented reality (AR) farm tours, an automated greenhouse, and a Farmbot, as seen below:

“We are excited to have Adam join our team and add this layer of technology to the garden,” organizers said.

“The Future is now and it’s green!”

Powers will share examples of his cool technology at the Burien Farmers Market on Thursday, July 8, 2021, and later at their upcoming garden volunteer work party on July 10 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Did you know you can pull water out of the air, or electricity from the sun or even heat from vegetables? It is all true, and Key Tech Labs showcases the different green technologies that make it happen. See a solar panel up close and learn how to grow vegetables in your living room. Powers plans to be at the Burien Library soon with his newly published children’s book “7 Hats for My Son.”

If you haven’t already visited the New Start Community Garden, come by and check it out (map below).

“We are one part school garden, one part community garden, and one part botanical garden, an our volunteers grow food for the White Center Food Bank. We would love to give you a tour!”

You can find them at www.sharkgarden.org, on Facebook @theSharkGarden, and on Instagram @sharkgardenburien.

For information about volunteering, email info@sharkgarden.org.

To contact Adam Powers, visit Key Tech Labs at https://www.keytechlabs.org/ or via email adamcpowers@gmail.com.

The garden is located at New Start High School at 614 SW 120th Street in Burien:

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