Ahmed Ibrahim, 29, was sentenced to 145 months in prison for the beating death of his 8-month old daughter in Burien in 2014. Ibrahim pled guilty by Alford to Murder 2 Degree on Nov. 24, 2015. He was sentenced last Friday (March 11) by Judge Samuel Chung. As we previously reported, on Nov. 10, 2014, Ibrahim’s wife came home from work to their apartment located at 231 S. 177th Place in Burien (map below), and found him holding their 8-month old daughter. When she picked the baby up she saw the baby had significant head trauma and was not breathing. Charging documents say that Ibrahim’s wife went to work, leaving him “…to put the kids to bed and be the caretaker for the evening. When she left for work, her husband and three children were the only people in the home. She reported that the 4-year old and the 2-year old were asleep in the bedroom, and that the 8-month old was wrapped up on the sectional couch, seated across from her husband who was also on the couch located in the living room.” When the wife came home from work, she found the infant resting face down on her husband’s chest. After changing clothes, she picked up the baby and noticed trauma to the baby’s face and that she was “cold to the touch.” “She put the baby down and ran to her extended family’s nearby apartment for help,” documents say. She then returned to her apartment with family members, and as she approached she saw her husband carrying something “to the garage can” located in the complex parking lot. She retrieved her baby and began to head back to her relative’s apartment. As she left, her husband told her that the 2-year old had caused the fatal injuries to the baby. Police say that they suspected that Ibrahim was “on something,” acting lethargic, slurring his words and nodding off. During a later interview Ibrahim said he didn’t know that the infant was dead, and that she had been fine thirty minutes before his wife got home. Investigators concluded that it would be “highly unlikely” that the injuries – deadly complex skull fractures – “could have been caused by a two year old child.” The coroner’s examination revealed that the 8-month old victim suffered several abrasions across her torso and head, which were “consistent” with an Xbox battery cover found in Ibrahim’s pocket. ]]>

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3 replies on “Father sentenced in 2014 beating death of 8-month old daughter in Burien”

  1. So tragic. Why only 145 months for doing this to an innocent child not able to protect himself? That is not enough time for him to serve.

  2. He must have really wanted to play x-box.
    I hope he doesn’t get one in his cell.
    12 years seems so short for such a disgusting crime. Very sad.

  3. Thats it!!! 12 years for beating a defenseless baby to death?
    Hopefully the inside corp will see the baby the gets the
    justice he deserves.

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