Rena Chinn and Dr. Nathan Clem have been added to the list of wellness professionals you can hear from at the inaugural Healthy Human Conference, coming to Burien this Saturday, March 5, 2022.

In a unique and low-cost format,(registration is just $20.00 and includes lunch!) you will hear from four varied professionals in the wellness space. Dr. Aaron Collins of Burien Wellness will present on Stress and the body’ s housing and handling stress. Here’s a little from Dr. Aaron on his approach:

“When we use the term STRESS, we are typically referring to work, family drama, money problems, deadlines, etc. The funny thing is that these are more accurately categorized as STRESSORS. They are stimuli. Stress is actually our body’s response to these stimuli. And while we will never get to a place where we can eliminate the stressors that we encounter, we can do plenty to dictate how our body absorbs and responds to the stimulus. Because the stress effects on our body and brain are cumulative, putting work into improving our response is where most of the health benefits live that can lead to longer and happier lives. In addition to how we think, habits like how we move and breathe have a big impact on how stress accumulates in our physiology. This workshop will be focusing on simple but profound applications to improving how we encounter stressors and integrate stress.”

Troubling symptoms of anxiety may also impact your overall wellness during these uncertain times. Speaker Rena Chinn is an experienced Bellevue, WA based therapist holding a Masters degree in Counseling Psycology currently in independent practice as Rena Chinn Counseling and Consulting. During the Healthy Human Conference she will speak on the issues of anxiety and self-worth.

Speaker Ryan Miller brings a new perspective to motivation as he speaks on living authentically and the superiority of pursuing freedom over goals. Embarking on a journey toward wellness can benefit when principles of intention and authenticity are applied.

Finally, Dr. Nathan Clem of Burien Wellness will add his expertise as an experienced Dr. of chiropractic and colleague of Aaron Collins at Burien Wellness. Lightheartedly know as a Chief Wellness Officer at a previous clinic, Dr. Clem believes “we have an innate ability to heal ourselves and to be healthy.”

Come begin the next chapter in YOUR wellness journey with this inspiring and affordable conference.


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