@btownblog April fools joke gone bad! pic.twitter.com/ZceLCfoVv5 — Andrea Gansz (@Agansz) April 12, 2015 IMG_6069 IMG_6070 The prop flying saucer that was set up on the roof of the Tin Room Bar & Theater for the April 1 Burien UFO Festival fell and crashed into – and broke – a front window of the bar on Saturday night, April 11 around 11:30 p.m. Apparently the prop fell due to gusty winds, which hit over 25 MPH, according to the National Weather Service. There were no injuries reported, other than perhaps the alien creatures that inhabited the craft. A window in the theater side of the restaurant was broken. “At 11:30 p.m., drunk aliens crashed into our window!” Manager Kellie Guerrero told The B-Town Blog. “That’s all we know! Kyle ‘MacGyver’ patched it up. All is well.”]]>

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7 replies on “Flying Saucer crashes into Tin Room Bar Saturday night (no, it really did…)”

  1. With my vast experience with UFOs, I can tell exactly what happened.
    That UFO is from the water planet Neptune and designed for water landings only. It was out of fuel and heading for Lake Burien but the locals said it was their lake told it to keep out.. With no fuel left, it tried a crash landing in Olde Burien.

      1. Or maybe they ran out of fuel looking for someone in that area with a sense of humor for comedy night at the Tin Room. Evidently a difficult search judging by this blog.

  2. To all concerned,
    As per city requirements, the UFO had to be removed by April 5th. I made a big mistake in allowing the UFO to be set on top of the roof and not immediately transporting it. Obviously is was not secure and took off- this is completely my responsibility and I am very grateful that no one was injured.
    I want to say that installing that UFO on top of the Tin Room required permits and wind calculations and engineering, all of which the City of Burien strictly enforced. The responsibility is solely mine. The City did its job in making sure the UFO was removed from the perch. I simply delayed in transporting it. I feel terrible about it.
    John L. White

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