pop art-comic book make upby Mark Neuman For 20-year old Audajha Coy, making faces – very scary scream-inducing faces – is a promising career move. She’s one of twenty students attending the exclusive Tom Savini Make-Up Effects School in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Tom Savini has been called “The Godfather of Gore” and “The Sultan of Splatter”, whose work has revolutionized the horror genre. His film make up credits include Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Creepshow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II and more. Audajha, (pronounced “Aw-DAY-juh”) is the daughter of Angie Coy-Jackson, proprietor of Burien Trophy, a longtime advertiser here on the B-Town Blog. “She expressed interest in being an art teacher a few years back,” her mom told us. “She took a theater make up class in North Carolina after graduating from high school in 2012 and fell in love with the craft.” Why North Carolina?audjaha in front of school Well, Audajha spent her early high school years right here in Burien at Highline High. Then Jackson, Angie’s husband, got transferred, taking the whole family with him to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Jackson just recently finished his fifteen-year career in the Army and he and Angie moved back home to Burien. Meanwhile, Audajha, who loved watching the Syfy cable show “Face Off”, a competition show involving contestants utilizing their make up skills, shopped around for just the right academic setting. She found the Savini School, then proceeded to win a scholarship, beating out two dozen competing portfolios. The Savini course is a 16-month program comprised of four semesters. Audajha will receive an Associates Degree in Business when she graduates in September 2015. Angie says her daughter has met Tom Savini in class. “She thinks he’s awesome. She says he has a great sense of humor.” The course is comprehensive and intense. It includes required classes in psychology and anatomy. “If she’s going to create a cut in the arm, she has to know how a real cut  would look on a real human arm,” Angie said. “The students have to know how the whole body and mind works to pull off the effect.” The course also emphasizes sculpting, creature design, painting techniques, cosmetic make up, prosthetics, animatronics and budgets. And after school? “She loves the whole atmosphere of the movies, but is leaning toward theatrical work over motion pictures for now,” her mom says. “Many graduates also go into making prosthetic limbs and dentures.” And Audajha’s interesting name? “There’s no particular meaning to her name,” Angie said. But what about Audajha’s little brother, Urijah? “Yes,” Angie said. “Urijah. His name means ‘God is my light’.” Here are some photos of Audajha’s work: moon & sun makeup 2 artichoke man bruising 2 nasty burn old age make upp parrot man jackalope front]]>

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