If you haven’t yet mailed your ballot in, since today (Tuesday, Nov. 3rd) is election day, King County has drop boxes throughout the county that provide voters with a way to securely return ballots without the cost of postage.

These drop boxes are open 24 hours a day, and will close at 8pm tonight (Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3rd).

Of course, you can also just make sure your ballot is postmarked Nov. 3rd by going to the post office before it closes, but that’ll cost you 42 cents; plus, ya never know if your ballot will be lost…

Here’s more info on the ballot drop boxes from King County Elections:

How do I use a ballot drop box?
Carefully follow the instructions on the ballot envelope. Place the ballot in the security envelope, seal all envelopes, sign the outer envelope, and deposit your ballot packet into the box.

How do I know my ballot is secure?
Ballots are collected regularly from each drop box by King County Elections. Two official elections workers will use a chain of custody process to transport all ballots.

Ballot packets are delivered to the Elections facility where they are processed with other returned mail ballots. The signature on every ballot is checked against the voter’s registration file and if it matches, the ballot moves forward.

Here’s the list of nearby drop-off boxes (more are listed at the King County Elections website):

  • White Center Library: 11220 16th S.W., Seattle, 98146
  • Tukwila, King County Elections Headquarters: 9010 East Marginal Way S, 98108
  • Des Moines Library: 21620 11th Avenue S., 98198
  • Federal Way Library: 848 S 320th St, 98003
  • Delridge: 5405 Delridge Way SW, 98106

If you’ve mailed your ballot in and want to check on its progress, you can do so online by clicking here and following instructions.

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2 replies on “Haven’t Mailed Your Ballot Yet? Not To Worry – Free Drop Boxes Open ‘Til 8pm”

  1. Your web site caused my ballot and my wife’s ballot to be excluded from the election. You listed the White Center library as a drop box location, and also a link to an old 2009 page at King County Elections that listed it as well. However, when I got to the library at 7:45 pm, they said that drop boxes had been discontinued at their location. I rushed to King County Elections office, but got there at 8:03 pm and they refused the ballot. I shouted and stomped, but to no avail. King County Elections has never been concerned about democracy anyway, but you mis-led me.

    1. Mark –

      So sorry about this – one problem we’re working on solving is that stories from the past; in this case, this original story was posted Nov. 3, 2009, when there was a drop box still in White Center. However, when you read it, you couldn’t tell when it was published, so it looked like current news. Again, my apologies for this error! -scott schaefer, publisher/editor

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