Highline High School wrestler Logan Jones has emerged as a force on the mat despite initially having no interest in the sport.

A two-time league champion and King County MVP, Jones capped his senior season with the third best record in 2A 165 State, the only wrestler from Highline to qualify this year. He remained undefeated in the District until the finals where he lost to the State Champion.

He also boasts a “Most Outstanding Wrestler” coach’s award as well as a “Scholar Athlete” scholarship.

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Jones’ journey began unconventionally. With a background in extracurricular activities like Cub Scouts and music classes, he wasn’t drawn to athletics until his sophomore year when his mother signed him up for wrestling.

“My brothers always told me wrestling was the hardest sport, but I wanted to prove them wrong,” Jones told The B-Town Blog. However, initial success was elusive. “The first year, I won almost no matches,” he added.

Driven by early losses, Jones found motivation and honed his skills with the help of his coaches, including Jacob, his former wrestler brother, Coach Munoz, and Coach Peter. He pushed himself through grueling practices, often exhausted by the end.

A turning point came when Jones was selected to compete in the prestigious Gut Check tournament.

“This tournament completely changed my perspective,” he said. “I started looking at wrestling as a privilege.”

Focusing on technique with newfound dedication, Jones remained undefeated in his district until the finals. He credits his family and coaches for their unwavering support.

Now headed to the University of Washington’s club wrestling program, Jones aims to follow in his brother’s footsteps and compete at the national level.

If you appreciate our award-winning local journalism, please…

Here is a list of some of Jones’ wrestling accomplishments:

  • 2x League Champ
  • Gut Check Wrestler – First Ever Highline Wrestler to Wrestle at Gut Check
  • King County MVP
  • “Most Outstanding Wrestler” – Coaches Award
  • 2nd Place at Districts
  • 3rd Best Record in 2a State
  • 2x State Wrestler
  • Only Highline Wrestler to Wrestle at State this year
  • “Scholar Athlete” – Scholarship

He also participated in Track & Cross Country:

  • Cross Country Captain
  • Cross Country MVP
  • Track Captain
  • 3rd Place in the Brot Trot

And – as if he isn’t busy enough – he is also completing his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts.

“I will continue to put everything I have into this sport and hope to place at the National level in college,” he said.

We have no doubt that Jones will continue to takedown whoever – or whatever and whenever – opponent he faces, and all of B-Town will be cheering him on.

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