[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following two stories/photos on Highline High School wrestling are 1) from our youngest-ever Contributor – 10-year old Isabel Herbruger – who has been submitting stories and photos as part of her effort to earn a Girl Scout badge for journalism, as well as qualify for a 4H photography project, and 2) from a Photographer named Shiboney Dumo. We encourage Readers of all ages to submit stories and photos for posting – for consideration, please email yours to [email protected]!] Photos and article by Isabel Herbruger, age 10 Last week was a very busy week for Highline High School Pirate wrestling, There was a meet on Thursday at Hazen, a dual meet on Friday at Liberty, and a large tournament on Saturday at Auburn Mountainview. Recently, it was also “Senior Night” for the following Pirates:

  • Zach Edson
  • Adanach Makey
  • Kelvin Herbruger
  • Jimmy Matta
  • Justin Herbruger
  • Sophia Munoz
The last two meets for the season are Jan. 27 at Lindbergh and Jan. 29 at Franklin Pierce. Sub-regionals are Feb. 7 at Highline. Here are some of my best photos from the “King of the Hill” Tournament last Saturday, January 17, 2015, at Auburn Mountainview High. The matches were close all day long. Many times it looked like a big tangled mess on the mat. In some of my photos, it is really hard to tell where one wrestler ends and the next one beings. 134 Kevin4 Ty41421 I have many more great photos at the Highline Pirate Wrestling by Isabel Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HHSPirateWrestling
What I learned about wrestling Photos and Story by Shiboney Dumo Growing up the only wrestling that I know is the WWE, I have never really watched real wrestling so when my daughter signed up for wrestling for this quarter at Highline High School I was surprised. I also was not aware that they allowed girls in the wrestling team. I permitted her to partake and then I attended a wrestling match. The third time I watched them I brought along my camera. I was fascinated at the strength and agility of these young athletes. I never knew how much effort goes into being a wrestler. I never realized the will power and sheer strength that was needed to defeat the other person. For the whole day, shooting right next to the mat, I was witnessing fear, anger, pain, humility, happiness and triumph. And every time they were defeated, they got up and did it all over again with no complaints, well at least our athletes didn’t. And when they won, they celebrated their victory with grace and great sportsmanship. I knew WWE was not real wrestling, but I learned from these kids that hard work pays off. These athletes train everyday, besides Sunday, from 2:30 pm until 5:30. That’s three hours of everyday conditioning! And it shows on the mat when they beat their opponents not only by their physical power but also mental prowess by having a better wrestling technique. This is why we are undefeated. Pirates rule. I have to give kudos to Coach Rice, Coach Perales, Coach Tran and Coach Hagler for encouraging our wrestlers to work on their technique and not to give up. They do more than coach; they set good examples to the kids. I hope they continue to coach my daughter until she graduates Highline High School, because even though she is a new comer (new to wrestling too) she has already won three medals. Not bad for a girl. 2ManuallyFocus_HighlinePirates Shiboney can be reached at:
Bringing your events into FOCUS. www.2ManuallyFocus.com

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  1. Totally agree! Great, great shots in every case from both photographers. I love that in Isabel ‘s second shot, it appears that Vladimir Putin is officiating.

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