[EDITOR’S NOTE: Back with more great work is our youngest-ever Contributor – 11-year old Isabel Herbruger – who has earned a Girl Scout badge in Journalism, and is also developing her skills for another 4H photography project after winning top prizes in it last year. We encourage residents of all ages to submit stories and photos for posting – for consideration, please email yours to editor@b-townblog.com!] Photos and Story by Isabel Herbruger, age 11 The Highline High Pirate wrestlers have been busy with lots of meets. They are currently 5-1 for the season in Seamount League standings. On Jan. 7, they wrestled Foster, winning 48-21. The Pirates pinned four and the Bulldogs pinned two. Foster had four forfeits and won one match by points. The Bulldogs and Pirates are magical on the mats, they are one of my favorite meets to shoot – click images to see larger versions/slideshow: FOSTER 01 FOSTER 02 FOSTER 03 FOSTER 04 FOSTER 05 On Jan. 9, the Pirates attended the Highline Tournament at Mount Rainier. The team took third overall. Kevin took 1st in his weight. Brian, Ozzy and Ty took 2nd in their weight classes: HIGHLINE (2) HIGHLINE (3) HIGHLINE (4) HIGHLINE (5) HIGHLINE (6) HIGHLINE (7) HIGHLINE (8) HIGHLINE (10) HIGHLINE (9) On Jan. 14, they took on Hazen and won 48-24. The Pirates pinned six times and won two by points. Hazen pinned twice and also won two by points. Each team had one forfeit. A forfeit is when the one team does not have a wrestler in the weight class: Hazen (1) Hazen (2) Hazen (3) Hazen (4) On Jan. 16, the Pirates were at the Auburn Mountainview Tournament. I was not able to attend this one. Brian placed first in his weight and Kevin placed third. There were several Pirates who almost made it to the semi-finals, which is exciting to hear. On Jan. 20, the Pirates took on Renton. The Pirates were 5-0 for the season and Renton was 4-0 before this meet. Last year the teams tied and had to go to several rounds of tie breakers to decide the winner. This year Renton squeaked out a win by one point on the scoreboard. The mats told a different story. The Pirates won seven matches, pinning five and winning two by points. Renton also ‘won’ seven matches, pinning four, winning two by points, and getting one forfeit. So close! This is always a good meet to watch. RENTON-04 RENTON-05 RENTON-06 RENTON-07 RENTON-01 RENTON-02 RENTON-03 This Saturday the Pirates go to Hazen High School for the Taking Down Pancreatic Cancer Duals– “PANCAN DUALS” with eight top wrestling teams from the area. It is a long day of wrestling, but lots of fun to watch! If you would like to see more photos of the Pirates in action, please visit and give a Like to Highline Pirate Wrestling. If you would like to support my goal of a professional sports lens, please consider visiting or sharing Photos by Isabel Adventures. Thank you for your time and consideration, – Isabel H. Unofficial “Official Pirate Photographer”]]>

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