UPDATE 1/25/16 2:50 p.m.: Police say that a man who was found shot in Burien Monday afternoon (Jan. 25) may be the victim of gang related violence. Just before Noon Monday, police received a call about a man found shot. About the same time, they received a call from a witness who said a man showed up on his porch shot, from the same location. When deputies arrived, they found a 29-year old man who had gunshot wounds on each leg. The witness who called told police that the victim had been in a dark colored car as the passenger. The driver, an unknown Hispanic male, and the victim started fighting in the car, police said. “No shots were heard and we have not found anyone at this point that saw a shootout as initially reported,” Sgt. Cindi West said. The victim got out of the car and took off and ended up at the house where the witness called. The driver of the car drove off. “We have a possible suspect car near the Heights but have not confirmed that this is the actual car,” West added. Schools in the area were put into lockdown as a precaution. Police are investigating and looking into the possibility it could be gang related. The 29-year old victim is at Harborview Medical Center with serious injuries. PREVIOUSLY: If you saw a lot of police activity in an area near SW 130th and 1st/2nd Ave SW (map below), a man was found shot in Burien Monday (Jan. 25) around Noon-12:30 p.m. Sgt. Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office told The B-Town Blog that the victim showed up at someone’s doorstep, where he was found shot. The exact location of the shooting is still unknown at this time. A witness told police that he was in a shootout with another man, and police said that a suspect who fled was driving a dark colored, possibly black, car, and is Hispanic. Helicopters and police were searching all over the area, according to one witness, and aid cars and fire units were seen attending to the shooting victim. As we gather more information on this, we’ll update this post (refresh browser to see the latest…).


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47 replies on “UPDATE: Shooting in Burien Monday afternoon may be gang related, police say”

    1. Does anyone know if the victims are apart of this “Gang” related shootings? Or, are they random people. Between the shootings and car theft Burien is feeling very unsafe and quickly.

  1. Are these shootings becoming more frequent or are they just being reported more widely? Three in the past two weeks is getting out of hand!

    1. As Publisher of The B-Town Blog, it is my opinion that there has been a recent increase in shootings in Burien, especially in/around the area of the Heights apartment complex around SW 136th/Ambaum up to 1st Ave S.

      1. This is the third shooting in 4 weeks. And let’s not forget about the violent car thief that drove over the owner of the car TWICE in Chelsea park.
        What can be done? I notice the police sitting in cars near the office of the Heights (thanks)
        However they need to focus less on us seeing them and more on being near the action. Park at the strip mall! And at the gas station. Both places are riddled with drug and gang activity. Patrol Ambaum from 140th to 120th non stop. If we see you they see you and will begin leaving like the cockroaches that they are.

  2. Who owns The Heights and why are they not being held accountable? They can re-brand it as much as they want with all the name changes but the criminals are still running rampant in that place and it seems like it is getting worse!

    1. The Heights is owned by an LLC that was registered by a company in Oly that registers LLc’s where the owners would like to stay (more) anonymous. The property is managed by an investment company out of Chicago…

      1. You’ve done some homework on the owners of the heights. Can you share any addresses names or phone numbers. The squeaky wheel get oiled. Let’s squeak!!!

        1. Thank-you. King Co. GIS site to get the name of the registered owner of the property and then a couple of Google searches to get the rest of the info. To go any deeper would require more than a 2 min Internet search 😉 This is probably a situation where the owners don’t care – they get their check from the property management company. The property management company only cares that they get the rent check and that the tenants don’t trash the place. Lots of layers to fight thru and no local vested interest. (The property management co. makes it sound like a real swank place!)

          1. All the more reason that the Burien City Council should be setting up a community meeting with the folks who live at the Heights and near by neighbors and businesses. Invite management and owners and local TV crews. Show some initiative and intolerance for violence and people who are not law abiding. If the city council cannot see their way clear to get a handle on this situation, they are never going to be of any use to us when things get worse. If they need ideas on what to do, I would suggest starting with a neighborhood meeting as described above and invite the Burien police and King Co gangs unit.

          2. What a stupid statement! The police will end this petty gang banging in a few days and blow this place up! It needs to be torn down and redeveloped as suggested earlier. It will just get worse in its current haven for useless thugs! Your attitude is part of the problem.

          3. If they required proof of legal residency to rent there the place would be damn near empty and ready to tear down already. I agree talking and hugs don’t work with thugs, only handcuffs and long hard time.

          4. Well let’s see here we have 3 shootings involving a few Latino gangsters. Now these gangsters need to be removed yes that is obvious. But QofA do you know if all these people living in those apparments are illegal aliens. Do you even know if the thugs are really illegal aliens. Now that area has had a issue with heroin addict’s this is why there was a methadone van in the area a couple years a go not sure if it’s still around. Now you take into consideration that Latino gangsters like to sell hardcore drugs like heroin, cocaine, MDMA and meth these drugs bring in more profit. Now we have one dead and two injured. Now one of these could be retaliation for the first shooting. So what I think should happen is we all should shut the hell up and let the police figure it out. Instead of jumping to conclusions and making this a race war or polical back and for nonsense. Look at facts not what some rich jerk with hair piece trying run for President thinks of a race.

          5. It depends on which report or study you read on the issue, in addition it depends on your spending habits and financial sense.
            At least you are making an effort to be employed rather than milking the system, and it’s on the individual to seek higher wages as part of growing up and out of perceived poverty. It’s all on the choices and initiative of each person to solve.

          6. Law abiding, yes and simple to quantify. Non law abiding, yes and obviously plenty.
            I don’t have the time or need to list every law being broken whether on the State or Federal level to appease your curiosity.
            Good Day Madam.
            P.S. Feel free to move to the Heights.

  3. Sure seems like the midst of a gang war, or something. Pay attention to your surroundings, always lock your doors, and if a situation doesn’t feel right get out of it. See something, say something!

  4. Spanish or Mexican gang/drug war seems all these shooting have 2 things in common the heights apartment complex and Mexican or Spanish people involved. Sounds like a war over black tar heroine sales. I would take a guess that the king county detective’s are keeping a eye on things while they work this case. Most likely already building a case on the suspects involved.

  5. Lol excuse me…. deport the ones who do all these american wont do for work. Thats why all you see in corners and highways begging for money are americans. Mostly white folks.

    1. School shootings, white folks. And do not call me rascist or wat not. I have all races in my family. My kids are mixed. Trump ass wont last if he makes it.

      1. Marysville school shooter, Native American,
        just like the one in Canada a few days ago.
        At least get your accusations straight, ok.
        Now let’s visit gang membership, and the predominantly Mexican make up in Burien that seems to be responsible for the rise in shootings. What say you about that?

      2. Leaving out whom I’m going to vote for –
        Your claim about “Trump ass wont last” will get you a sour visit from the Secret Service who will want to talk about your threats!

      3. Let’s talk about what Country supplies all the drugs that the gangs deal in Burien “El Chapo” doesn’t sound very Irish to me.

    2. First off let make it clear I am not a racist, I love ethnic food. Your statement about Mexican workers doing everything that Whites do not want to do is quite ignorant.
      Who did those jobs before the estimated 10.5 million crossed the border illegally?
      There has always been migratory workers, only now they never migrate back home and with that flood the workplace and lesson the opportunity for actual legal residents.

  6. I have seen the last 2-3 years an increase in gang activity, drug deals and use from 116th to 153rd SW. I applaud the recent arrests in Gregory heights. These dealers are bold and aggressive they have changed our neighborhoods and are killing our children’s futures. What can the average person do to help?

  7. Ever think they are just punks who are trying to one up each other. As seen in all violence in every state guns are easily accessible and Burien has more than its share of trash and scum bags but we are very far from “Mexican drug cartel” dealings. They don’t shoot some loser in ghetto apartments. They kid nap your whole family and then cut them into pieces. Just saying

  8. Besides you people should be more worried about the “normal family” that had a big drug bust at their house less than a block from an elementary school. Not the garbage being taken out.

    1. That so called family with the substantial stash was the supplier to the problem, it’s all tied together. Although having the food chain thin itself at the bottom with bullets is handy, they sometimes hit random innocents. In addition what lowlife has health insurance, the rest of us have to pay taxes for that wound to be sewn up.

  9. The city needs to have compliance inspectors all over that place and when they find the inevitable violations unless they are fixed promptly the place should be condemmed..

  10. The reason we are seeing an up-tick in gang violence right now is because the city of Burien has decided we don’t need a gang unit. Up until then we had one of the best gang detectives around one that came from LA and knows all there is to know about the gangs we have here in Burien. I STRONGLY encourage all of you to attend the next council meeting on Feb.1st and speak up about this during public comment.
    There is a group of citizens myself included that will be starting a grass roots campaign to get a special levy on the next ballot for additional police funding. All those in favor say “I”.
    This has got to stop Burien is a nice city and is being taken over by gangs, drugs and criminals.

    1. I totally agree.. Why don’t we have a gang expert on the Burien police force.. That should take priority over buying some greenhouses for a couple of million$!

  11. Gang expert is a good idea. Also a burglary expert, a car prowl expert, drug expert, robbery expert , homeless intervention team,.fraud and mail theft team experts . And the list goes on because this town has it all !!!!!!

    1. See Jim that sounds like a good plan. Except I have noticed that getting involved in a neighborhood watch program can help to get rid of some of these issues. Even just having a couple of house’s on each end of your block in contact with each other can help. Having a couple house’s with large dogs that bark when people walk by can detour crimanls. Even though it can be a little frustrating to have a dog barking some times it’s a good thing. Getting your mail as soon as possible or getting a locking mail box if you get one take it to a lock smith and get a special lock on it some crimanls have copy’s of keys for some boxes or shaved keys/lock pick sets. Setting up security cameras or just signs stating you have security cameras can send crimanls packing. The police unfortunately can’t be everywhere at all times so you have do some simple things to keep your neighborhood safe. If more people got involved in these simple things then we would have a lot less crime. I know it’s cold outside right now but if more people went outside even just in there yard and did activities instead of sitting in front of there TV or computers/ gaming systems it could also help push crimanls away. It’s the same with the parks you know people complain there’s crimanls there well if more people would take the time to go to the different parks in the area the crimanls would get caught or chased off by the police.

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