The Highline High School Alumni Foundation recently awarded $95,000 in scholarships to 25 graduating Pirate seniors and two college students.

The organization has awarded some $1.6 million in scholarships.

Said Highline High School Principal Clint Sallee:

“Over my give years at Highline High School, I have come to deeply appreciate that Highline High School is truly blessed to have such an involved and supportive Alumni Foundation. As costs rise, access to scholarship support can be a critical part of making colleges and universities accessible to Highline graduates. I have been taken aback every year by the impressive amount of financial support the Highline High School’s Alumni Foundation provides for our deserving students.

“Of course, my appreciation of Highline’s Alumni Foundation extends beyond the financial support it provides. The Alumni Foundation is a relentless cheerleader and advocate for Highline High School’s past, present, and future. The vibrancy of the Alumni Foundation is a testament to the profoundly special nature of Highline High School. I am truly honored to be Highline High School’s Principal and feel so privileged to be able to work with the Alumni Foundation.”

The HIghline HIgh School Alumni Foundation is open to new members. Check out the organization’s website here for details.

Back Row: Jayden Lolagi, Vincent Le, Alex Runnels, Chai Lamberte, Olive Mathias, Alice Giese. 3rd Row: Andrea Cantinca Gonzalez, Jasmine Delgado Guerrero, Bianca Palestino Orozco, Alondra Torres Vega, Sheridan Hammons, Naomi Fuala’au, Joselyn Melgoza Estrada, Zander Luiz, Angus Claflin, Roman Amarillas. 2nd Row (sitting) Zach Johnson, Maddie Lambert, Fernanda Andres Felipe, Marisa Hoxha. Front Row (sitting) Alii Afamasaga, Johaly Matias Gonzalez, Ramneek Kaur, Angelika Austria, Cecilya Stacy, Jennifer Antonio Delgado, Atziry Gonzalez Guzman.

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