St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Burien has once again fallen victim to vandalism and theft, with thieves cutting down all the flags – including Pride and a significant American one – outside the church.

This marks the latest incident in a pattern of attacks that occur about twice a year, and the most recent in Burien over the last week.

“These are likely the same narrow-minded thieves who have targeted us before,” Father John Forman told The B-Town Blog. “They clearly don’t understand that their vandalism only strengthens our commitment and brings more people to the church.”

The church regularly replaces the stolen Pride flag, which symbolizes its welcoming stance towards the LGBTQ+ community.

“I’ll never understand why they care who we welcome to a church they don’t attend,” Forman added.

In addition to the Pride flag, the Episcopal flag, rope, and snap hooks were also damaged in the latest incident.

St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal flag, rope, and snap hooks were also damaged in the latest vandalism incident.

American Flag Was Significant

This time, however, the thieves may face greater consequences. The American flag taken in the vandalism was particularly significant, having been given by the Coast Guard to the family of a Vietnam veteran at his funeral. The family later donated the flag to St. Elizabeth’s in honor of the veteran’s love for the church.

“Bill always hoped people would come to encounter the mystery and love of God that he felt here,” Forman said. “We will, of course, replace the flags once we can get the rope restrung and carry on.”

The church remains steadfast in its mission and support for the community, despite the repeated acts of vandalism.

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