Mortgage broker Kimberly Terry is passionate about Burien:

“Burien is one of those magical areas that represents a wide range of social economic backgrounds and offers homeownership to all.”

With over 34 years of experience in the industry, she has reached a time in her career when she can place her focus on helping people of diverse backgrounds to achieve the sort of peace of mind and stability that so many feel when they own a home. This is something she understands deeply, as a person who never experienced that feeling until she was an adult. 

“A home makes a child feel safe and secure,” Terry said. “I’ve spoken to many first time homeowners, and they will tell you the change they have felt in aspects of their life when they went from renting to owning.  Many people are fearful they will never be able to afford a house, I want to help those people.”

Her interest in Burien is pretty close to home since both her daughter and her mother have settled here and her husband grew up in Burien.

“I’ve been in the business for almost 35 years and my last part of my legacy is focused on helping everyone achieve at least one home so they can have an opportunity to retire,” she added. “I believe that one home can not only stabilize the immediate family, but for the following two generations.”

Clearly, this is why she is please to work with Sammamish Mortgage, who she says has allowed her to place her focus here while providing her with the special strength of private mortgage lending.

“We have many first time homebuyer programs, some to help people with a down payment, some to lower a house payment, some to fix credit so they can buy a house, some programs will allow family members to help.” Terry shares, as she encourages especially those who are feeling a little hopeless, to give her a call or shoot her an email. You will never know what is possible unless you ask and the consultation is no risk.

Check out her reviews and client testimonials here:

Along with experience, passion and professionalism, Terry’s position with Sammamish Mortgage allows her to leverage the power of their in-house underwriting, low rates and no lender fees to help more people and families achieve home ownership. 

There are many options when it comes to working with a mortgage broker, why not consider someone who is truly committed to helping make dreams come true?

As Terry says:

“I may be a pebble in the water, but helping one more family is very rewarding.”

Call or click today and begin your journey to discover possibilities.

Kimberly Terry

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