The Highline School Board unanimously approved a contract extension for Superintendent Susan Enfield at its regular meeting on Wednesday, July 9. Dr. Enfield’s contract now runs through 2017, coinciding with the term of the district’s strategic plan. “We are making good progress toward the bold goals in our strategic plan, and we have the right leader to get our students to those targets,” said School Board President Michael Spear. “We are confident in the capabilities of our students, the good work of our teachers, and the outstanding leadership of Dr. Enfield.” Dr. Enfield led the development of the strategic plan, which outlines ambitious goals for student achievement by 2017:

  • 19 out of 20 students will meet or exceed standard in all core subjects by the end of Grade 3.
  • 19 out of 20 students will pass algebra by the end of Grade 9.
  • 19 out of 20 students will graduate prepared to choose their future.
“I am grateful for the board’s support and confidence in me,” said Dr. Enfield. “I am so honored to serve the students and families of Highline, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside all of our staff to ensure that each and every student is known by name, strength and need—and that we continue to make progress toward our 2017 goals. Together, I know we will achieve great things for our students, each one of whom deserves the very best.” Dr. Enfield began as Highline Superintendent in July 2012. Before coming to Highline, she served as Chief Academic Officer and Interim Superintendent at Seattle Public Schools. Previously, she held leadership positions in Evergreen School District (Vancouver, Washington), Portland Public Schools, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Dr. Enfield is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and earned master’s degrees in education from Stanford University and Harvard University. She holds a doctoral degree in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University with a concentration in the Urban Superintendents Program.]]>

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7 replies on “Highline School Board extends contract with Dr. Susan Enfield through 2017”

  1. Our community is very fortunate at this news. Thank you, Dr. Enfield and Highline School Board for excellent leadership on behalf of our students!

    1. How is this fortunate? I mean she seems like a very capable, likable and ambitious person, however what bold moves has she made that have come to fruition? Is it not a bit early to be singing her praises?
      Don’t get me wrong. I’m on board with her and *most* of hear endeavors, however the proof is yet to be seen. When the community sees a marked and substantial improvement in student achievement, then we can say “Job well done.” Until that happens, she needs to keep her nose to the grindstone and work very hard to achieve what she set out to do. She is a public servant and is accountable to the citizens of the area, and she get’s paid a lot of money. She needs to go out there and earn it.

  2. Nothing is more important to Buriens future economic and civic health than our pu luc education system. Take a look at any Burien home listed on Zillow, and scroll down to see how our schools are rated. Aggressive, practical improvements in the performance of our school are imperative. I’m encouraged to hear big changes are sought. I hope Dr. Enfield, the board, the faculty and parents find the way to turn things around. And then to market them aggressively, too, because perception lags reality, especially perception of our area, a placs the rest of the region loves to disdain. Am i saying educational policy and practice should be driven by the biases and guesses of a cube dweller at Zillow? No. But tbe fact that it reflects people’s belief about the schools here and influences people’s decisions about living here or locating businesses here means it has something to tell us about the impact of our schools on all of us in Burien. Good luck to the District…all of us want great schools.

  3. Sending 11 year olds off to Middle School and closing alternative High Schools are a couple of her newsworthy accomplishments.

    1. Seattle sends 11 year olds off to middle school. Better to have them there than with 5 year olds.

  4. 11year olds should not be in middle school… They need that extra year in grammar school and the summer between 6th and 7th grade to mature.

  5. I heard from several teachers that Enfield plans to do away with school suspensions entirely. If this is true, and I haven’t checked with the district yet, what do they propose to do about the students that should be pulled from the classroom? I am curious.

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