Highline Schools Foundation this week awarded scholarships totaling $233,000 to 34 graduating seniors from across Highline Public Schools, including students from Evergreen High School, Highline Big Picture, Highline High School, Mount Rainier High School, Puget Sound Skills Center, Raisbeck Aviation High School, and Tyee High School.

“Choosing to invest in these incredible scholars from Highline Public Schools is such a wise decision,” said Fred Swanson, Executive Director. “Highline Schools Foundation is so grateful for the ever-growing group of steadfast supporters who help fund these scholarships, and we’re so incredibly proud of all of the graduating seniors in Highline.” Additional donations towards scholarships are always welcome.

Awards were presented to students at the 2023 HSF Scholarship Reception, held on Thursday, May 11 at Highline Public School’s Central Office.

Following are the 2023 Scholarship recipients, by scholarship award:

Pay It Forward Scholarship

Created by Vy Truong and Billy Chaung, this scholarship recognizes graduates from Evergreen High School.

Three students received a Pay It Forward Scholarship this year:

  • Yoshiro Espinoza Leon, Evergreen High School
  • Jonathan Rios, Evergreen High School
  • Angel Naranjo Jimenez, Evergreen High School

Harriette Fredenburg Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, created in memory of beloved Evergreen math teacher Harriette Fredenberg, is awarded to an Evergreen High School student who plans to study mathematics or education.

One student received the Fredenburg Memorial Scholarship this year:

  • Saul Morales-Cassasco, Evergreen High School

Burien Arts Association Scholarship

This scholarship is for a Highline Public Schools graduate who will pursue a visual arts degree at an accredited arts organization or four-year college/university. This is a one-time award of $1,000.

One student received the Burien Arts Association Scholarship this year:

  • Isabella Wammer, Big Picture High School

Anne Gregory Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, named in memory of former Evergreen teacher Anne Gregory, was created to support Evergreen High School graduates. 

One student received the Anne Gregory Memorial Scholarship this year:

  • Carla Castaneda-Martinez, Evergreen High School

Beyond Opportunity & Impact Scholarship

New in 2023, the Beyond Opportunity & Impact Scholarship was created to support graduating seniors attending Puget Sound Skills Center, and awarded to a student who is a team player, dedicated to the profession they began studying at PSSC. 

One student received the Beyond Opportunity & Impact Scholarship this year:

  • Roslyn Denson, Puget Sound Skills Center

TinShip Scholarship

Created and funded by The Tin Room owner Dan House and Tin Room patrons, this scholarship is offered to graduating seniors planning to attend an accredited trade or vocational school.

One student received the TinShip Scholarship this year:

  • Jonathan Uribe, Mount Rainier High School

Fred Vaughan Scholarship

Also new in 2023, the Fred Vaughan Scholarship provides a one-time $2,000 scholarship to students graduating from any Highline Public Schools high school, and is based on financial need, academic achievement, and community service.

One student received the inaugural Fred Vaughan Scholarship this year:

  • Neidy Avila Ramirez, Raisbeck Aviation High School

Nature Stewards Environmental Science Scholarship

This scholarship was created to support graduates of any Highline high school planning to study environmental science in their post-secondary studies. The scholarship is $3,000 for the first year of college.

One student received the Nature Stewards Scholarship this year:

  • Irene Gibson, Mount Rainier High School

Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Beta Scholarship

New in 2023, this scholarship is for female-identifying graduating seniors planning to study education and is funded by the Beta Beta chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Two students received the Delta Kappa Gamma Beta Beta Scholarship this year:

  • Frida Ventura, Highline High School
  • Lauren Wride, Big Picture High School

Gateway Scholarship

Created by community member Randi Sibonga, this scholarship is to support students who have experienced homelessness.

One student received the Gateway Scholarship this year:

  • Estela Heredia Rodriguez, Highline High School

Highline Challenge Scholarship

The Highline Challenge Scholarship is provided by Secondary Success and Career Readiness at Highline Public Schools to support students graduating from any Highline Public Schools high school to best prepare for the future they choose.

One student received the Highline Challenge Scholarship this year:

  • Grace Pilo, Mount Rainier High School

Highline Promise Scholarship

Created by former Highline Superintendent Susan Enfield, this scholarship is offered for students pursuing post-high school education (college or trade school) or those planning a direct career path like the military, vocational, or other career pathway. Recipients of this award are first-generation students — those who are the first in their family to attend college or, for those pursuing other career pathways, be a student whose parents did not attend college.

One student received the Highline Promise Scholarship this year:

  • Jehan Hashi, Mount Rainier High School

Burien PRIDE Scholarship

New in 2023! Created in partnership with Burien PRIDE, this scholarship celebrates students who have helped advance and support LGBTQ+ communities. Three $2,500 one-year scholarships will be awarded.

Three students received the inaugural Burien PRIDE Scholarship:

  • Katie Box, Highline High School
  • Ava Michler, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Makenna Judi, Big Picture High School

Alaska Airlines Scholarship

The Alaska Airlines Scholarship was established in 2014 through the generosity of Alaska Airlines, an important partner of the Highline Schools Foundation. This scholarship’s criteria include financial need, academic merit and achievement, and students’ future goals. This scholarship offers two awards to graduates of any Highline Public Schools’ high schools, and two to students graduating from Raisbeck Aviation High School.

Two students received an Alaska Airlines Raisbeck Aviation Scholarship this year:

  • Alexis Lee, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Cade Scheff, Raisbeck Aviation High School

Two students received an Alaska Airline Scholarship this year:

  • Malia Goda, Mount Rainier
  • Kaylin Huynh, Tyee High School

SEA Scholarship

Formerly known as the STIA Scholarship, this is the Foundation’s longest running scholarship, funded through the SEA Golf Tournament held each July. Three scholarships are awarded to students motivated to pursue a STEM education. Two scholarships are for students planning to attend a 4-year college or university; one is for students planning to attend a trade school or 2-year degree program.

Three students received a SEA Scholarship this year:

  • Aracely Duran Arias, Highline High School
  • Dylan Berger, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Jackson Gorney, Mount Rainier High School

Pat Hedges Memorial Scholarship

New in 2023, and also funded through the SEA Golf Tournament, this scholarship is a one-time award in memory of Pat Hedges, longtime HMSHost employee at SeaTac Airport, who aided in the creation of the SEA Golf Tournament, and development of the SEA Scholarship.

One student received the Pat Hedges Memorial Scholarship

  • Lidia Workneh, Evergreen High School

13th Year Scholarship

The 13th Year Scholarship was established in 2017 by Highline High School graduate and retired Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden and his wife Danielle to support students who might otherwise be unable to continue their education beyond high school. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic merit, and achievement. 

Four students received 13th Year Scholarships this year:

  • Ana Chamale, Evergreen High School
  • Daniel Lucatero-Diaz, Tyee High School
  • Jenny Phan, Mount Rainier High School
  • Crystal Tran, Raisbeck Aviation High School

Catherine Foss Scholarship

This scholarship, named for former teacher at Southern Heights Elementary Catherine Foss, provides support to Highline Public Schools students attending an accredited college or trade school. 

Two students received Catherine Foss Scholarships this year:

  • Ali Karim, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Sandra Mercado, Tyee High School

CM Garrity Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Highline alumnus Charles Garrity — the CM Garrity Scholarship was established in 2015. The scholarship criteria include financial need, academic performance, leadership and community service or extracurricular activities. 

Two students received a CM Garrity Scholarship this year: 

  • Sirak Kedebe, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Joanna Palma, Mount Rainier High School

The Foundation is honored to award these scholarships to this group of remarkable students. Congratulations to this year’s scholarship award winners! 

About Highline Schools Foundation

Highline Schools Foundation is an independent 501c3 organization, established in 1999, to support the students, faculty, and staff of the Highline Public Schools, whose geography includes Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac and White Center. With more than 17,500 students in 35 schools and 2,000 staff, it represents one of the most diverse school districts in the state with nearly 90 languages spoken. More than 6 of 10 students qualify for free or reduced-cost school meals so the Foundation prioritizes funding programs in three main categories – meeting basic student needs, enriching learning experiences with classroom and teacher grants, and supporting college and career opportunities for high school seniors. The Foundation is funded solely by private contributions and operates separately from Highline Public Schools.

To learn more, visit: www.highlineschoolsfoundation.org.

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