Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18! If that catches you by surprise, youre probably not alone, but don’t worry – Zenith Holland Nursery is here to help!

Des Moines’ oldest business is open daily from 9 a.m.–7 p.m., and filled with options to honor all sorts of Dads.

Visiting the expansive greenhouses and surrounding grounds will fill you with loads of great ideas to honor the Father(s) in your life.

Let’s Start With the Tools!

Handy Dads will love high quality DeWit tools handmade in Holland. With innovative designs and super strong, durable materials such as Boron Steel, these will serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gifting.

Along with DeWit, you’ll find a variety of other tools, plant foods, gloves and supplies in the garden shop, a charmingly re-purposed shed filled with garden essentials. 

Back outside, you’ll find trees, shrubs, and an assortment of stone fountains and garden art, all items that will live on in the garden year-after-year to honor your lasting gratitude and love. HINT: stone and metal garden pieces also make great wedding gifts that convey your wish for a a lasting union.

Green-thumbed Patriarchs may prefer indoor plants, which Zenith Holland Nursery has in abundance. The greenhouses are filled with numerous houseplants, often in hard to find varieties. The plants are delivered in fresh shipments weekly so you are sure to find them in healthy condition ready for Dad to enjoy. Artisanal pots to complete the arrangement have been carefully chosen in a variety of styles and colors to complement most any decor.

Is Pops a griller or entertainer? The gift shop at Zenith Holland Nursery has useful and beautiful items for the grill master or outdoor entertainer. How about some local organic honey for his special scratch BBQ sauce making? That’s a unique choice that carries many health benefits as well.

Backyard bird and wildlife watching is an entertaining pastime for many Fathers. Why not provide a supply of bird seed or a beautiful glass-blown hummingbird feeder and food so that he can discover nature outside his windows? Even Dads who have downsized into condos may appreciate placing a birdhouse or feeder on a balcony or patio to attract visiting fauna.

There are too many ideas of gifts and tributes that will bring a smile for father’s Day and beyond to share them all here. Make an easy trip to Des Moines to discover for yourself all that’s in store at Zenith Holland. The friendly staff are garden enthusiasts themselves, and ready to make suggestions for gifts or your personal needs. You’ll save time and gas finding so many great things all in one place; plus you can feel good about supporting a local family owned small business. 

Stop by today!

Zenith Holland Nursery
23260 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines, WA 98198

Phone: (206) 878-7002

Website: https://www.zenithholland.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZenithHollandGardens/

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