Story & Photos by Sterling Paris
South King Media Intern
I have never been this far up 1st Ave South before. Somehow I passed it…but how can you pass a vibrant yellow and orange building with a big ol’ barrel on top of it?
So I turned around and pulled in.
Already I could tell this was a really old building, but cool! Some men were working on the awning and the building was painted bright orange and yellow.
Inside there was a lot of space and I could totally imagine the old fashion checkered floor and a jukebox in the corner with tables that had booths. Personally, I kinda wish I was born in that time era. Apparently it was first built in 1963 as the “Triple XXX Drive In,” and you can still see where cars would park to get food brought to them.
Instantly when I walked in the smell of Indian food was wonderfully overwhelming.
I talked with the owner and he said they were holding a soft opening. Indian cuisine. Can’t wait for this Bombay Grill to be officially open!
According to their website:

For over 42 years Bombay Grill has been synonymous with Indian fine dining. A team executive chef and management takes the cuisine and culture of his homeland to the next level with a breathtaking restaurant and delicious cuisine. The Chef’s mastery of traditional spices and flavors makes each dish an opportunity to experience classics and delicacies in new and exciting ways. Every plate becomes a culinary journey. Bombay grill also features a subterranean cocktail lounge that caters to sophisticated tastes and sensibilities. Enjoy middle eastern-inspired drinks.

They are doing takeout right now, and they are looking for a delivery driver!
The new Bombay Grille – formerly The Barrel – is located at 11051 1st Ave South; (253) 656-0720.
Until next time,
(and thank you so much for reading)
– Sterling Paris

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  1. do an article on the new Nimbin pot shop, 1/8’s for only $20
    about 500′ north of the barrel, cant miss it
    love tohat, it will be the next Medina

  2. So why are they leaving the name “The Barrel” if that’s not going to be the new name of the restaurant??

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