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Sad news for the local fundraiser scene, as community activist John Nelson announced Monday that he is stepping down as Organizer of the Cove to Clover fundraiser, which just completed its 8th year.
Sunday’s race was the last one he’ll be involved with, Nelson told The B-Town Blog Monday, March 14.
John has decided that it’s time to “retire” from the fundraiser race event he created in 2009, and has run ever since.
But while he may be stepping down, it doesn’t necessarily mean the event will end.
“I’m looking for another non-profit organization to take it over,” John told us. “And I think we can hand it off easily as we know how to run it well, and can share all our knowledge and experience out of the gate.”
Cove to Clover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and disburses all proceeds to local charities:

The Cove to Clover event has evolved and is a truly grass-roots production. The race was originally organized by a group of friends with the mission of producing a professional and fun event that showcases the Highline community at its best. What’s evolved has been an exercise in positive cooperation among many entities: government, businesses, non-profits, schools and neighbors.

If you’re interested in taking over this awesome local fundraiser event please contact for more info.
For more information, visit

EDITOR’S NOTE: We consider it a privilege to have been involved with the amazing John Nelson and his Cove to Clover fundraiser since its beginning, and we look forward to his next venture!


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  1. Thanks for all your hard work John. I consider it both an honor and a privilege to have worked with you and your group over the past few years. The local “race” world will never be the same., Godspeed sir… you will be sorely missed.

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