Saturday, June 1, 2024 is Opening Night for your local DubSea Fish Sticks collegiate baseball team at Mel Olson Stadium in White Center, and the game is sold out!

Around 1,500 spectators will witness the Fish Sticks take on the Pacific International League Gumberoos. #gofishsticks

“This isn’t just your average baseball game. The Fish Sticks provide food, drinks, fun and more!”

Here’s Opening Night’s schedule:

  • PRE-SHOW: 4 P.M.
  • GATES OPEN: 4:35 P.M.
  • FIRST FISH: 6:35 P.M.

If you didn’t get your ticket(s) for Opening Night, don’t fret – there are 24 games left in the season, which runs through Aug. 3:

Get Tickets Here


All Opening Night fans will receive a commemorative 2024 magnet schedule.

For The Kids

  • Pre-game fun
  • Between inning games and contests
  • Face Painting and more
  • Run the bases after the game & meet the 2024 Fish Sticks

For The Adults

  • Fan Batter of the Night (one fan is selected to lead off for the Fish Sticks)!
  • The best food in sports!
  • Ice Chest (Beer & Wine Garden for those 21+)
  • Between inning promotions

Gameday Map

Below is a map for opening day for those lucky enough to get tickets:

Here’s more from the team:

“Seasoned fish stick fan or your first time to the Fryer? With our new additions, this map will help you swim in the right direction! 🏊

Fresh Catch Concessions: The best food you’ve ever had at a ballpark! Grilled Cheese, Seattle dogs, fish sticks, and so much more- stay tuned for some of our new additions!

First Baseline Concessions: A shorter wait with some new additions! Grab soda refills, hot dogs, pulled pork, popcorn, and other snacks from this stand!

Ice Chest: Brrr… the ice chest keeps getting cooler! We’ve added new drink offerings, and have added more serving lines including a Draft Beer Only line, Draft & Food line, Food Only line, and a can/bottle only station in the grass to the right. Keep your eyes up for signage to ensure quick service!

Fishing Gear: Our merch shop is now stationed near the front gate! It is also opening early, allowing fans to gear up before they enter the park. Stay tuned for some of our new gear drops. 

Season ticket holders: Make sure to pick up your free souvenir cup for free refills all season long at the Fryer! The table for pickup will be just to the right of ticketing when facing Mel Olson. 

“Can’t wait to see you … fish stick fans!”

Follow the Fish Sticks

We’ve created a page devoted to the Fish Sticks, which you can access in the menu or by clicking here.

You can also follow them here:

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