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King County Sheriff’s Office detectives announced this week that they have closed the Oct., 2019 Bob’s Burger’s case and forwarded it to the SeaTac Prosecutor for consideration of charges for up to nine people for False Reporting, RCW 9A.84.040, a gross misdemeanor.

As we previously reported, on Oct 19, 2019, Deputies responded to an armed robbery at Bob’s Burgers & Teriyaki in SeaTac. Two female customers inside told police that they were sexually assaulted by the suspects who were robbing the establishment and customers. One of the customers claimed that their truck was stolen.

This incident was later reported to be a hoax.

Police say that “participants in this hoax took up considerable law enforcement resources with their call to 911 and their subsequent false claims of being victims of crime.”

Sheriff Mitzi G. Johanknecht directed detectives to deliver the entire case packet to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for their review and consideration of possible federal charges.

Here is a brief synopsis of the Bob’s Burger incident:

    • Oct 19, 2019: Deputies responded to an armed robbery at Bob’s Burgers. Two female customers inside claimed that they were sexually assaulted by the suspects who were robbing the establishment and customers. One of the customers claimed their truck was stolen. King County Sheriff’s Office Special Assault Unit detectives were called out and conducted recorded interviews with the two assault victim’s using Spanish translators. Patrol handled the other customer interviews to include those by the reporting party, Maria Del Rosario Sanchez, and her brother Sergio Sanchez-Jaimes. Detective Priebe-Olson is lead detective.
    • Oct 20, 2019: Detective Mellis recovered video from the Skyway Inn across the street from Bob’s Burger. In reviewing the video, Detective Priebe-Olson discovers many timeline discrepancies based on Maria’s 911 call and statements made by her regarding how/when the robbery went down.
    • Oct 28, 2019: Detective Preibe-Olson and Detective Mellis confront Maria about the video and she admits that the robbery was a hoax conspiracy involving everybody who was inside Bob’s Burger’s at the time. She said that the hoax was intended to provide those inside Bob’s Burgers with U-Visa extensions because of their immigration status. Maria called Sergio, who was speaking with Detective Gerlitz at the time, and told him that she had told detectives the truth. Sergio confirmed with detectives that the robbery was a hoax. Detective Priebe-Olson was now investigating state charges of False Reporting.
    • Nov 26, 2019: Detective Priebe-Olson clears this case. She forwarded misdemeanor charges of False Reporting RCW 9A.84.040 to the SeaTac Prosecutor.
    • Dec 20, 2019: Sgt. Turi had a conversation with SeaTac Prosecutor Abraham Ritter. Ritter confirmed that he had the case and was still reviewing it.
    • Jan 16, 2020: Sgt. Turi provided a copy of all reports and the majority of the digital evidence to the US Attorney for review.

SeaTac Prosecutor Ritter says he expects to file charges within 60 days.

Click here to download the police reports for the Bob’s Burgers incident as well as the detectives follow up reports (PDF file).

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