Some tips on preventing car thefts from our friends at the King County Sheriff’s Office:

“This is how car thieves steal your ride. Check out the photo of the key in the ignition, looks funny right? It’s called a ‘shaved’ key because the teeth are filed down. Thieves can steal multiple cars with it. This is why we recommend using the club on older model vehicles, if thieves get it started with a shaved key they can’t drive it.

“This kind of key, and a stolen Subaru, were recently found by Precinct 4 Street Crimes Unit in the White Center/Burien area.

“Detectives spotted a shoplifter with a backpack full of stolen items leave the Safeway at 127th and 1st Avenue S. Detectives watched him get into a car with stolen license plates and the vehicle left northbound. The driver of the vehicle parked in the 10800 block of 1st Ave S. The driver and passengers were detained.

“Detectives say the suspect admitted to trading drugs for the stolen car and to shoplifting from Safeway and Big Lots. The car was returned to the owner and the suspect was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle.

“Great job by Detectives being aware and following the suspect.

“And now you know what a shaved key is and why you should use the club!”

Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office

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