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Tips and Tools for Living and Working while Sheltering-in-Place with COVID-19

Some tips and tools to help make life easier for daily living, working at home, aging in place, or sheltering-in-place because of covid-19. We can stay in touch with people, continue to learn, be entertained, takeout food, and have medicine, groceries, and such delivered to our doorstep. We need an internet connection and a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and software.

  • Working from home on a laptop or tablet using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and such as well as conferencing software such as Zoom, FaceTime, Slack, or Team.
  • Entertainment is frequently TV and subscription services such as NetFlix, HBO, Showtime, and Prime Video extend the possibilities. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod can play thousands of songs and albums as well as channels such as soft rock, country, classical, opera and so on; and answer hundreds of questions such as “what is the weather?” and “What time is it?” Hundreds of thousands of books and hundreds of magazines are readily available in digital format.
  • Education, whether single classes or academic degrees, is readily available from many universities as well as MOOCS or massive open online courses such as Coursera and EdX.
  • Shopping for almost anything: food, beverages, medicine, books ya da da da of course is easy online. Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, REI, and hundreds more are patiently waiting for a call. Many restaurants and bakeries offer takeout and home delivery as well.
  • Home automation, using voice or touch commands, can control blinds, shades, door locks, door bells, home lighting, surveillance cameras, and so on making it convenient for those with mobility, vision, or security concerns.
  • Medical information (not diagnosis or treatment) is readily available from sites such as WebMD (www.webmd.com).
  • Exercise is important and yoga, walks, runs, and bicycle rides are common approaches.
  • Hanging out with family, friends, and colleagues is easy with a standard telephone or a smartphone, tablet, or laptop using voice, email, text messaging, and video conferencing. Sending a note or letter via postal mail adds a personal touch.

I’m not recommending anything specific; just some things I have used. The key thing is, there are lots of options to help keep us educated; employed; entertained; fed; in touch with friends, family, and colleagues; and healthy at home.

– David Gould

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