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Following up on my Letter to the Editor from Nov. 21, 2020, about turning Annex Park into an incredible sculpture garden. Then, there was a question about funding, but Burien is getting 10.8 million dollars through Congress’ latest COVID-19 stimulus package.

Let’s do something inspiring with a little of that money. Last year four of the Burien City Council, including those running for reelection, voted to spend $610,000 to tear down the Annex. At the time, they admitted they had no plans to use the lot for anything. They still have no plans for the lot.

Let’s turn Annex Park into a real gem, a focal point for Burien and tourists. Let’s turn the lot into a sculpture garden. A place to picnic, for children to play, to read a book, to take a moment to rest, for weddings, and parties!

A sculpture garden would be a much-needed addition—a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves. Burien owns the land, it is close to downtown, and there is now money to support local and regional artists. It is a chance to make Burien very special.

Burien has experience with sculpture gardens. Remember the B/IAS: Burien’s Interim Art Space?

Imagine a permanent display of joyful art.

Plus, sculpture gardens are a tourist attraction, bringing much-needed arts tourists to Burien to get our economy rolling again. Here are some examples of sculpture gardens:


Burien, as we come out of the pandemic, let’s do something exceptional and fun!

– Eric Dickman

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