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Four members of the Burien City Council voted to spend $620,000 to replace the home of seven non-profits with a grassy field. Putting aside the wisdom of that decision in the midst of a pandemic, now what?

Under the City’s timeline, it will be many years before anything happens on that site. Why wait? The grassy field is a great place for a sculpture garden.

If you were around for the B/IAS (Burien/Interim Art Space), you’ll have an idea of what should fill the field:

Photos of Burien Interim Art Space / B/IAS from 2009 courtesy Michael Brunk

Let’s fill the field with sculptures: all kinds of sculptures: traditional, modern, huge, not so huge, kinetic, and so much more. What a grand space to have a picnic, take the kids to play, or sit and be swept away by the glory of three-dimensional art. I urge the Burien City Council to start now gathering amazing sculptures to fill the field.

What a joyous way to demonstrate Burien’s dedication to amazing spaces. Make a gem next to Dottie Harper Park. Replace the Annex with a space that not only showcases art but is an energetic gathering place for Burien’s citizens. Fill the field!

– Eric Dickman
BAT Theatre

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