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To the Highline Community,

Some good things happened when I told my neighbor, Rich, about a young Mount Rainier High School graduate who’d been furloughed from her position as a chef at a Pike Place Market restaurant, so she was starting a small business, Oso Negro, selling her amazing “alfajores” to make ends meet.

Rich jumped at the chance to support her and provided these treats to the hard working volunteers distributing donations of food through World Vision and the Highline Schools Foundation to needy Highline families. He said it made him feel good during these unsettling times to help out.

His wife Joyce soon appeared asking what the biggest need in our community was and through my work on the Highline Schools Foundation Board, I learned it is diapers! According to the Real Diaper Association, it costs a family $62.50 per month per child to purchase diapers. Highline School District social workers, counselors and family liaisons all agree the biggest need right now is diapers so struggling families don’t have to use their meager funds for food and rent to diaper their children.

Joyce made a generous contribution and said it made her happy to help out. All sizes of diapers are needed and you can donate through the Foundation’s link or email me Juliefburr@gmail.com and I’ll give you directions so you can drop diaper donations at my porch in the Three Tree Point neighborhood. I’ll get them to the Foundation and they’ll be distributed along with food to needy families.

It’s hard for all of us to keep our spirits up during this ongoing pandemic, so if you need a morale boost, a diaper donation might do it – click below to help out:

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