SPONSORED: The following is an Open Letter to the Burien community from Discover Burien’s ‘Business Leader of the Year’ Danny House:

Dear Burien,Danny House

I want to thank everyone in our beautiful city for supporting the Tin Room, Burien Pizzeria, and all other Restaurants and Businesses.

You have been keeping our city open and allowing us to keep people employed and to maintain a small bit of normalcy.

This thank you is not only to the ones who continue to come out, it is to ALL of you! Because over the past 32 years, all of you have made us strong, given us a secure foundation, and have provided us with the most important thing – time, time to weather this storm, hang on, and keep people employed.

We do not rely on tourism like Seattle, we rely on you, our neighbors. And I can attest you are the best neighbors anyone could wish for.

I appreciate all of you and I can’t explain in words how proud I am to have ended up living and operating my businesses in Burien. You are wonderful citizens and a great example of what a neighborhood should be.

We are open and if you want to come out, we will be here for you!

– Danny House

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